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Latest news about our auctions, collector cars, classics and enthusiast cars
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Latest news about our auctions, collector cars, classics and enthusiast cars
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American LaFrance 1927 - a mighty fire truck on Bilweb Auctions


A vintage American fire truck with a 14 litre petrol power plant, hoses, a fire engine and a manual siren.
The 1927 American LaFrance is a wet dream for every fire truck enthusiast.
American LaFrance was the biggest US fire truck manufacturer, building several thousands every year up until 2014 when the operations was shut down due to financial difficulties. The HQ was in the little town of Elmira in New York State.
If you see an older fire truck in an American movie, it is most likely a LaFrance.
The truck in auction is an open ”Speedster” and has a magnificent straight six, 130 horse power comes out of the 14 litre engine. The LaFrances was appreciated for their superior quality and reliability, a must for a fire truck. This early model is equipped with chain drive on the rear wheels, seen as a big advantage at the time.
The truck came to Sweden about 40 years ago, and has been part of a museum collection since then. It is sold without a registration and has not been driven for quite some time.  However, the availability of spare parts for LaFrance trucks is good in the US, so it should not be a problem to get it back on the road.
Thu auction closes on 6 July and this fantastic fire truck is valued at between 130 000 and 170 000 SEK.

To the auction:

American LaFrance 1927 - a mighty fire truck on Bilweb Auctions


A vintage American fire truck with a 14 litre petrol power plant, hoses, a fire engine and a manual siren.
The 1927 American LaFrance is a wet dream for every fire truck enthusiast.
American LaFrance was the biggest US fire truck manufacturer, building several thousands every year up until 2014 when the operations was shut down due to financial difficulties. The HQ was in the little town of Elmira in New York State.
If you see an older fire truck in an American movie, it is most likely a LaFrance.
The truck in auction is an open ”Speedster” and has a magnificent straight six, 130 horse power comes out of the 14 litre engine. The LaFrances was appreciated for their superior quality and reliability, a must for a fire truck. This early model is equipped with chain drive on the rear wheels, seen as a big advantage at the time.
The truck came to Sweden about 40 years ago, and has been part of a museum collection since then. It is sold without a registration and has not been driven for quite some time.  However, the availability of spare parts for LaFrance trucks is good in the US, so it should not be a problem to get it back on the road.
Thu auction closes on 6 July and this fantastic fire truck is valued at between 130 000 and 170 000 SEK.

To the auction:

American 60s icons on Bilweb Auctions list for June 27

With an estimated auction value of nearly 10 million SEK, Bilweb Auctions' upcoming online auction is something truly special. Three American icons from the 1960s are expected to fetch some of the highest prices: Dodge Charger, Chevrolet Corvette, and Ford Mustang.

Bilweb Auctions at Fyndbörsen Live

On June 29, Albinsson & Sjöberg is hosting the event Fyndbörsen Live at Emmaboda Airfield. For one day, you can buy and sell hobby cars at Fyndbörsen's private market.

Now the year's big Saab collector car auction is approaching.

The cars will be presented on the auction site on Friday, June 7th, and about 15 cars will also be displayed in Trollhättan during the "Saab Museum Festival" days. We at Bilweb Auctions have now sold over 400 classic Saab cars at our collector car auctions. We are celebrating this with a list of 40 cars that will be sold in an online auction in connection with the Saab Festival. The interest in Saab models is very high among both Swedish and international buyers. Therefore, it is especially fun to be able to showcase and sell so many fine Saabs during these days.

Bilweb Auctions participates in the Saab Car Museum Festival

When Saab enthusiasts from all over the world gathers in Trollhättan 7-9 of June, Bilweb Auctions is part of the action. Six classic Saabs will be auctioned live on site, and another 40 online.

The Police Porsche That Changed Sides

From Law Enforcer to Red-Hot Performance Car.

Glennster S-12 - a loud masterpiece

There are cars, there are artworks - and then there are cars that are artworks. Glennster S-12 is one such car - built by hand with mechanics from the 1920s and 30s. It is now for sale at Bilweb Auctions.

The School Bus That Was Resurrected

Stefan Karlsson, a retired hauler, felt an incredible joy when he discovered his old school bus behind a barn in the Skara area in 2000. He jumped out of his truck and exclaimed, “Wow, this is the very Volvo bus my brother and I rode 35 years ago!” He knew he had to save it.

Incredible Excitement at Tjolöholm Classic Motor 2024!

We had an amazing time at Tjolöholm Classic Motor 2024! It was really great to meet all of you who visited our tent to talk about cars. We are already gearing up for upcoming events and hope you will join us for more car adventures.

190 SL and F355 - Dream Cars from Mercedes and Ferrari at Bilweb Auctions

Mercedes-Benz 190 SL -58 and Ferrari F355 Berlinetta -97. Two exclusive sports cars with four decades between them are the stars at Bilweb Auctions' upcoming online auction.

Bilweb Auctions found some auction cars at the World of Volvo

This week, we had a guided tour through the new meeting and gathering place of western Sweden by Volvo Heritage's manager, Hans Hedberg.

Volvo models that are Increasing in value

The last article here at Bilweb Auctions was about the concept of Youngtimer. This year marks the 30th anniversary of one of the Volvo models that fall under the concept: the 850 T-5R. This brilliant yellow success paved the way for a series of R models from Volvo, all of which can be considered collector's vehicles today.

What is a Youngtimer - really?

The term Youngtimer is popping up more and more often in classic car circles, including at Bilweb Auctions. But what really is a Youngtimer? Let's try to sort that out here.

Unique listing at Bilweb Auctions - all 1959 top models from General Motors

1959 was the year that consummated the design excess in American car design. Never before had the cars been longer, the fins bigger and the chrome more plentiful. Bilweb Auctions can now offer six of GM’s full-size cars from this mythical year.

Low milage classics on Bilweb Auctions: Toyota Previa and Daimler Sovereign

A low milage on a classic car usually generates an increased interest, the low driving distance fascinates and stimulates the fantasy. Now Bilweb Auctions can offer two exciting classics with around 20 000 kilometers on the clock: a 1992 Toyota Previa and a 1988 Daimler Sovereign.

A Ford from the early days of motoring on Bilweb Auctions: 1912 Model T

No car has played a more important role in the automotive history than Ford Model T. Now there is a beautifully restored early ”T” from 1912 for sale at Bilweb Auctions, together with another four classic Fords from the 1920s, 30s and 40s.

Submission is ongoing for the 2024 grand Saab collector car auction!

In collaboration with the Saab Car Museum Festival, Bilweb Auctions is holding a large Saab auction in June 2024. The cars will be presented in May 2024, and the auction will conclude on Saturday, June 8th, at the Saab Festival in Trollhättan.

An abundance of Rolls-Royces at Bilweb Auctions

Silver Cloud, Silver Spirit, Silver Shadow - and a Phantom. No less than four classic Rolls-Royce from a privat collection is now for sale on Bilweb Auctions.  

The Royal Family's Stylish Eighties Coupé

With a motor-enthusiast monarch who has sat on the throne longer than anyone else in the Swedish royal house, it has generated a bunch of fun second-hand vehicles over the years with an excellent provenance.

Large family collection on sale at Bilweb Auctions

During four net auctions Bilweb Auction will sell 38 classic cars from a family collection and museum. The listing includes Mercedeses, Jaguars, Rolls-Royces early Fords and GM:s full size models from the specific year of 1959.

Royal automotive history on auction – Carl XVI Gustaf's First Volvo 1800S

A beautiful part of Swedish monarchy's extensive automotive history will be sold at Bilweb Auctions’ 2024 premiere auction. The Crown Prince and Duke of Jämtland's first Volvo 1800S

Phantom and Silver Cloud - two magnificent Rolls-Royces ends the year at Bilweb Auctions

A Phantom III with provenance from a Swedish actor and an aristocratic Silver Cloud III - two Rolls Royces terminates the year at Bilweb Auctions.

Europe’s first Corvette on sale at Bilweb Auctions

Den första Chevrolet Corvette som exporterades från USA hamnade i Portugal 1955 där den tävlades med. Nu är denna bil - i ett mycket fint renoverat skick - till salu på Bilweb Auctions.

Abarth 850 Scorpione Allemano - rare Italian sports coupe at Bilweb Auctions

It doesn’t get much rarer than this: a 1960 Abarth 850 Scorpione Allemano. A small and very elegant Italian sports coupe, built in approximately 200 examples. The number of survivors is considered low, probably around 50.

RS 2000 Spezial - a super-Escort by all means

Only 279 examples of the Ford Escort RS 2000 Spezial was made between 1976 and 1978. Now one of these very rare performance Escorts is listed for sale on Bilweb Auctions.

End-of-life-vehicles - A potential threat to peoples movement

A topic that's currently very worrying and relevant on the enthusiast’s scene concerns a proposition for a regulation from the European Commission known as ELV, End of Life Vehicles.

Desirable 1969 Honda CB750 Sandcast on Bilweb Auctions

The upcoming listing from Bilweb Auctions contains no less than 25 classic motorcycles. Among them is a mint Honda CB750 ”Sandcast”, the most desired of all classic Honda models.

Classic look - upgraded mechanics: Alfa Romeo GT Junior ”Bertone” on Bilweb Auctions

This Alfa Romeo should probably be categorized as a  ”restomod” - an older car that has been restored and at the same time modified. And with an end result that performs better than what originally rolled out from the factory.

Exquisite 1952 Mercedes 220 B convertible on Bilweb Auctions - a 45 year long restoration

A Mercedes convertible from the early 1950:s is one of the gems in the new listing from Bilweb Auctions. It took the seller 45 years to restore this 220 B to the outstanding condition it is in today.  

Low milaged muscles on Bilweb Auctions: 1971 Dodge Challenger in an outstanding original condition

It rolled out from the Dodge plant in Hamtramck outside Detroit, painted in the unusual Dark Bronze and equipped with the huge 330 horsepower, 6.3 litre, Magnum V8. The big R/T sticker on the hood told everybody that it had the Road/Track package with a stiffer chassis and anti-roll bars.

Record prices for low milage Volvo S70 and Datsun 280 ZX

Record prices were set on the last September listing on Bilweb Auctions - and it was low milage cars that set them. A 1999 Volvo S70 with ultra low 1550 kilometers on the clock went for 270 000 SEK and a 1980 Datsun 280 ZX hit 460 000 SEK.

Brutal ”Baby-Benzes” being auctioned at Bilweb Auctions

Mercedes 190 was instantly given the nickname ”Baby-Benz” when it was launched in the early 1980s. Now there is two mean examples of these babies for sale on Bilweb Auctions: a 2,3-16 Cosworth and an Evolution II replica with AMG V8.

Low milage Volvo classics on Bilweb Auctions’ first October listing

Volvo is an obvious part of Sweden’s self image and heritage. During almost 100 years, generations of Swedish auto workers and engineers has created cars that are a natural part of every-day life.  

Holy trinity from the 1920:s on Bilweb Auctions: Chevrolet 1927 Racing Team

”The Racing of Gentlemen” - usually just called TROG - is about racing cars with pre-1934 bodies on a beach in Wildwood, New Jersey. Beach racing was one of the original ways to to race when racing tracks wasn’t available.

Royal Mercedes 280 S from 1973 for sale at Bilweb Auctions

Sweden is currently celebrating that King Carl XVI Gustaf has been 50 years on the throne. The same year as he was crowned, 1973, a black Mercedes 280 S was delivered to the Royal Stables and then used for his first tour of the country.

Freedom for sale at Bilweb Auctions: three iconic Volkswagen buses from the Sixties and Seventies

There are few vehicles that symbolizes the concept of ”freedom” as much as the Volkswagen bus. Now there are three of these freedom symbols for sale at Bilweb Auctions, one of them extremely rare - a 23-window Samba microbus from 1963.

Marlon Brando’s Triumph Thunderbird for sale at Bilweb Auctions

Marlon Brando drove a 1950 Triumph Thunderbird 650 in the movie ”The Wild One”, the original outlaw biker film. An identical bike - with low milage and sold new in Sweden - is now up for bidding on Bilweb Auctions.

1956 Jaguar Mk VII with sports provenance for sale on Bilweb Auctions

The Swedish athlete Gunder Hagg was during the 1940s one of the top runners in the world, setting no less then 16 world records on distances from 1500 up to 5000 meters. After his sports career, he treated himself to one of the most refined automobiles of the time, a 1958 Jaguar Mk VIII.  

Low mileage, brutal and so American - 1996 Chrysler Viper

The auction car was a lottery prize in Sweden in 1996 and was won by a gentleman who drove only 1800 kilometers during the first two years. It was then bought by the current owner who, during his 25 years with the car, added just another 23 000 kilometers.

Peugeot 504 coupe - unusual French-Italian elegance on Bilweb Auctions

The Peugeot 504 coupe is one of the French carmaker´s most elegant models, designed by the Italian master Sergio Pininfarina. Now one of few Swedish 504 coupes is up for bidding at Bilweb Auctions, moreover with the bigger 2,7 litre V6.

1954 Fiat 500 ”Topolino” - an irrestistable Italian charmer on Bilweb Auctions

Fiat 500 ”Topolino” was the Italian answer to the German Volkswagen and the little car put the country on wheels. Now there is a very charming 1954 ”Mickey Mouse”, in excellent condition, for sale on Bilweb Auction´s first listing for August.  

Low milage V12 Jaguar XJ-S convertible on Bilweb Auctions - in a unique original condition

How many Jaguar XJ-S convertible with 57 000 kilometers on the clock, original paint, rust free and one owner for 33 years can there be? Well there is at least one - now for sale at Bilweb Auctions.

Three extraordinary Saab 900 on Bilweb Auctions

There seems to be a never ending interest in classic Saabs and new price records are set year by year. Currently there are three very special examples of the1980s success, the Saab 900, on Bilweb Auction´s second listing in July.  

Pair of eights - elegant Buicks from the 1940s on Bilweb Auctions

Two elegant Buicks from the 1940s are presently for sale on Bilweb Auctions, both with the famous straight eight.

Seventies Japanese luxury on Bilweb Auctions: Toyota Crown Super Saloon

The Super Saloon was the top model of the Toyota Crown, an elegant executive car known for its high-quality Japanese craftsmanship.

Untouched, low milage - a unique Saab Monte Carlo on auction

Original condition. Original zustand. État original. No body rust ever. Factory paint. 65 000 km on the clock. We are talking about a 1966 Saab 96 Monte Carlo, up for sale at Bilweb Auctions.

Porsche 912 - a Sixties icon with four cylinders on auction

A Porsche 911 with four cylinders - that’s a 912! Bilweb Auctions can now offer a very original 912 from 1966, the first model year, in it’s upcoming auction.  

Charismatic Opels from the Fifties at Bilweb Auctions

Three charming 1950s Opels are eye-catchers in the first Bilweb Auction listing in June - and one of them was built in Sweden!

Classic quartet from Fiat on Bilweb Auctions

Forza Italia! Forza Fiat! Four classics from the pride of Turin spices up the fist listing in June from Bilweb Auctions.

Welcome to our Spring Quality Auction 2023!

Welcome to our Spring Quality Auction 2023! Our specialists have hand picked their favourites to this auction. Check out the list below. We will publish the full auction list May 12 and the auctions ends May 24.

Springtime for Saab at Bilweb Auctions - one of the last manufactured for sale

No less then 7 classic Saabs is on Bilweb Auction´s first listing in May

Two Austin Healey at Bilweb Auctions - the British original and the Swedish replica

Austin Healey is The British Sportscar for many enthusiasts. Now two of these are for sale at Bilweb Auctions: a powerful ”Big” Healey 3000 with one owner for 57 years and a Swedish Hult Healey, a replica built upon rugged Volvo technology.

Amilcar - French sports car from the 1920s at Bilweb Auctions

An Amilcar from 1927 is definitely the most exotic car on the Bilweb Auction listing for 27 April: a French sports car with Swedish racing heritage.

Swedish 1980s icon on Bilweb Auctions - ”Svempa” Bergendahl´s super Quattro

A legendary Audi Quattro is for sale at Bilweb Auctions: Sven-Erik ”Svempa” Bergendahls Urquattro from 1986.

Swedish maritime history on Bilweb Auctions: 19th century paddle steamer Eric Nordevall II

The paddle steamer Eric Nordevall II is a piece of floating Swedish maritime history. It is an act replica of one of Sweden’s first steamships built in 1836 and shipwrecked in lake Vattern 20 years later. This masterpiece is now up for bidding at Bilweb Auctions.

Ford Falcon Futura Sprint - American muscles for rally and racing

A mercilessly tough 1964 Ford Falcon Futura Sprint is one of the top adrenalin generating objects on Bilweb Auction´s second listing in March. It is approved by FIA for international historic rallyes, track races and hill climbs.

1967 Lotus Elan - British sports car pleasure with a Swedish history

Lotus Elan became an instant hit when it was launched at the Earls Court show in London in October 1962. The driving characteristics was superior over the present competition and it was a very fast car by the standards of the time: 0-100 km/h took 8 seconds, top speed was 190 km/h.  

German perfection restored to super condition - a Zündapp KS125 for sale at Bilweb Auctions

1970 was a special year for young bike enthusiasts in Sweden. The regulations for light motorcycles - with an age limit of 16 - changed. What previously was a maximum weight of 75 kilos - regardless of engine size - now changed to 125 cc.  

A mighty Ford Mustang ready for historic racing

A 1965 Ford Mustang, homologated by FIA for historic racing, is one of the top cars on the second auction in February by Bilweb Auctions.  

Triumph 1800 - British television celebrity for sale at Bilweb Auctions

Quite a few probably thinks ”Haven’t I seen that car on television?” when looking at a Triumph 1800. They remember right. This convertible played a central role in the BBC show ”Bergerac” in the 1980:s. Now there is a chance to become your own Jim Bergerac when a 1948 Triumph 1800 is up for bidding at Bilweb Auctions.

Pontiac Lemans 1968 - an untouched and original time capsule

Sold new in Sweden, unrestored, two owners within the same family. These are some of the ingredients in the mix that makes this 1968 Pontiac LeMans so unique.

Volkswagen ”The Thing” - a car for everybody to love

It is slow, uncomfortable, unsophisticated - and just wonderful. In a Volkswagen Type 181 ”The Thing” you will be loved by everybody - and now there is one for sale on Bilweb Auctions.

Ford GT40 - en högklassig replica av en racingikon

It is estimated that only 105 GT40:s was made from 1964 up until 1969. In combination with the extraordinary racing history, that creates a dream car for collectors world wide

Three Executive Volvos for sale on Januari Auction 2023

Executive was the name Volvo chose for its most prestigious models, intended for top managers and limousine companies. Now there are no less than three Volvo Executive for sale on Bilweb Auctions - an opportunity to travel in style!  

Low milage Volvo 1800 S on the December listing from Bilweb Auctions

A Volvo 1800 S with only 51 000 kilometers on the clock is something very unusual. After 46 years at rest it is now for sale at Bilweb Auctions.

One of Harley-Davidson´s most beautiful models for sale on Bilweb Auctions  

Maybe motorcycles has never been more beautiful than the Harley-Davidsons of the 1920s. A bike from this era is for sale on Bilweb Auctions, meticulously restored to an outstanding condition.

Ford Escort RS Cosworth - whale tail rally icon

Cosworth is one of the most significant names in the automotive world, associated with advanced engine technology and high performance. Now a rare Ford Escort RS Cosworth is up for bidding on Bilweb Auctions.

1966 Volvo PV 544 Sport in rally version

The Sixties was Volvo´s heydays in Motorsport. The most successful model was the PV 544 which, with Tom Trana behind the wheel, won the European Championship in 1964, after victories in the RAC, Acropolis and Swedish rallys.  

Austin Mini-Moke with 126 kilometers on the clock - unique cult car on Bilweb Auctions

It was meant as a military vehicle, but ended up as a freedom symbol for the jet-set on the French Riviera: Austin Mini-Moke. Now an extremely low milage Moke - 126 kilometers - is for sale at Bilweb Auctions.

Audi V8 - rare, discreet and powerful Nineties luxury at Bilweb Auctions

Audi V8 is a rare and almost forgotten luxury car from Audi, with just a five year lifespan. Now one of these autobahn stormers are for sale in the first November auction at Bilweb Auctions.  

A Hollywood Mercedes with a Buddhist touch for sale at Bilweb Auctions

The Mercedes 280 SL ”Pagoda” is one of the most attractive allround classics ever made. A red dream from 1969 with a Hollywood history is now for sale at Bilweb Auctions.

Swedish-American barn find from Germany - a newly awake VW Beetle

The barn find has an almost mythical position in the classic car scene around the world. In 1974 a Volkswagen Beetle was stored in a barn in Varmland, Sweden, by an American of Swedish descent who flew back to the US.

Bitten by the Bond Bug? Design icon from the orange decade on sale at Bilweb Auctions

”One of the strangest cars ever built in England”, wrote The Telegraph about the Bond Bug. And that is, of course, the reason to want it. Now there is an opportunity to get one of the few existing in Sweden

Three Volvo 1800 on October Auction #2 2022  

The Volvo P1800 keeps its position as the most sought after of the Swedish brand´s classic models. Now there are three 1800 from the last productions years for sale on Bilweb Auctions.

Stardust from Stuttgart on Bilweb Auctions´ first October listing

Stjärnglans från Stuttgart på Bilweb Auctions första oktoberauktion. Inte mindre än sju Mercedes-Benz finns med på auktionslistan för Bilweb Auctions första oktoberauktion.

The eighties lives - a unique Porsche 928 from dp-Motorsport on October Auction#1 2022

Få bilar representerar 80-talets ombyggnadsglädje som dp-Porscharna. Nu är en av dessa exklusiva tidsmarkörer till salu på Bilweb Auctions i form av en Porsche 928.

A Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit with royal provenance

A Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit is an extraordinary car in itself. Add the fact that Queen Elizabeth II has been a passenger - well, then it becomes something very special. This Silver Spirit with royal provenance is now on the first October listing from Bilweb Auctions.

Volkswagen Campmobil Monaco - camping with a cult status

Why not combining the ownership of a classic car with comfortable camping? A Volkswagen Campmobile Monaco will definitely spread joy on the camping site!  

Built for racing: Christer Glenning´s 1962 Volvo PV Sport on auction

A Volvo PV 544 Sport, built for touring car racing, is one of the highlights at Bilweb Auction´s final September listing. It was built for the track by one of Sweden’s most renowned automotive journalists, Christer Glenning.  

A dream in white, the iconic Audi Quattro, and many the finest SAAB 900 T-8 Special

One of the finest Ford Thunderbirds in Sweden together with the iconic Audi Quattro, and a rare Saab 900 T-8 Special

Three classic Porsches on Bilweb Auction - for trips at 20 km/h

The interest in classic tractors is growing rapidly among the motor enthusiasts all over the world. And if you want a tractor - why not a Porsche? Now there are three rural Porsches from the Fifties on Bilweb Auctions new listing.

Lotus Elite with Swedish racing history on Bilweb Auctions´ first September listing

Lotus Elite is by many considered to be one of the most beautiful British sports cars ever made. Now an Elite S2, sold as new in Sweden in 1961, is up for bidding at Bilweb Auctions.

Monte Carlo theme on Bilweb Auctions: Saab 96 and 900 Aero convertible

Monte Carlo holds a special place in the history of Saab. The district in the little city-state Monaco is for ever associated with Erik Carlsson’s two wins in the prestigious rally, in 1962 and 1963. And, as we all know, he drove a two-stroke Saab 96 Sport.

One of the last Volvo 240 produced

1993 was the last model year for the Volvo 240, the final car produced in May that year. The last 240 cars became part of a numbered series and got a special plaque on the dashboard. The car´s number, in falling order, were printed on the plaque together with the signature of Volvo´s CEO Pehr G. Gyllenhammar.

Volvo history on September Auction #1 - A super early P1800

One of the earliest P1800:s in the world - A piece of Volvo history that is up for bidding in Bilweb Auction´s first September listings. 

A new old Mini with 227 kilometers on the clock kicks off the autumn at Bilweb Auctions

A 23-year-old Mini. That is new. With only 227 kilometers on the clock. This is one of the highlights on August Auction 2022. 

Bjorn Ulvaeus´ Lexus LS 400 on August Auction 2022

In August 1997 Bjorn Kristian Ulvaeus, one of the ”B:s” in ABBA, took delivery of his new Japanese luxury car and drove home to Djursholm, the poshest neighborhood in Stockholm. Or was it an American luxury car?

Upcoming auctions; 18/8, 1/9, and 15/9

It has been a fantastic first half of 2022. We have had the privilege selling many fine collector cars, both youngtimers and oldtimers, in all price ranges. Just like last year, we have broken several price records. New for 2022 is "Bilweb Auction Talks", our live broadcasts before the auctions. You can find these on our YouTube channel. It’s super fun that the interest is so high for older cars. Passion for classics!

British twin luxury on Bilweb Auctions: Rolls Royce Silver Spur and Bentley Turbo R

A pair of noble British twins, but with very different characters, adds an aura of luxury to the last Bilweb Auction listing before the summer break. The one more sophisticated is a Rolls Royce Silver Spur, the more aggressive one is a Bentley Turbo R.

A cherry red dream on Bilweb Auctions: a meticulously restored Volvo PV544 Sport from 1965

One of Sweden’s most beautiful PV544 Sport shines in Cherry Red on Bilwebs Auction´s last auction in June. Hardly driven after an extremely thorough nut-and-bolt restoration, it offers an opportunity to relive the Sixties.

A fantastic 1973 Porsche 911 Targa on Summer Auction 2022 with 53 000 kilometers on the clock

It has been waiting over 30 years to get back out on the road again. 53 000 kilometers on the clock, original paint, untouched and in an unusual Sepia Brown color. A Porsche 911 T Targa in original condition that many thought existed only in the fantasy.

Two auction days and 104 objects – June Auction #1 has a classic for everyone

The variety of cars on Bilweb Auctions listing för 16 and 17 June is bigger than ever. No less than 104 objects is up for bidding during two intensive days - from British sports cars from the Sixties to WWII US Army jeeps.

New record prices for classic vehicles

A Volvo Amazon, a Opel Kadett Rallye and a Massey Ferguson tractor - these were the three collectors items that generated record prices in Bilweb Auction´s first June auction.  

First model year Volvo Amazon in stunning condition

One of the earliest Volvo Amazons in Sweden is one of the highlights on the 2 June listing at Bilweb Auctions. Built in September 1957, with chassis number 1163, and in a stunning condition after a thorough restoration absolutely true to the original specification.

Beautiful Saab Sport from the first model year - 1962

Maybe it is the sound that makes a Saab Sport so easy to love. The harsh rattle from the two stroke engine sings about a Sweden that does not longer exist. The blue smoke from the exhaust, smelling so good. Erik ”On the roof” Carlsson winning another international rally trophy.

Kadett Rallye Sprint - a gravel road hero on Bilweb Auctions

The official name is quite long: Opel Kadett Rallye 1900 Sprint. And it is rare. Very rare. 72 Rallye Sprint were imported to Sweden between 1967 and 1973, and only 12 is believed to remain.

Tjolöholm Classic 2022, - tack för en fin dag!

Vi vill tacka alla samlarbilsägare som besökte vår monter på söndagens fina bilevent Tjolöholm Classic 2022. Även tack till arrangörerna som ordnat ett bra event. 

Record number of classic Saabs on Swedish online car auction

Around 40 classic Saabs are up for bidding on 2 June when Kisa car museum in Sweden parts with the majority of its collection. It will be the biggest auction ever with cars from the iconic Swedish car brand.

Three Volvo R estates on Bilweb Auctions May Auction #2

Three ”R Volvos” in the same car auction is something that never have happened before. But on 19 May it does - and they are all estates: two yellow T-5R and one red 850 R.

Anna-Lisa´s Beetle convertible from 1953 - an irresistible bonbon on wheels

Ms Anna-Lisa Kvist in Malmo, Sweden, was most definitely not a modest person. When she, in October 1953, bought her new Volkswagen, it generated quite some attention: a two-tone convertible in burgundy and beige, very unusual on Swedish roads at the time.

Mercedes och Jaguar, Stuttgart och Coventry: två cabrioleter från 30- och 40-talet på Majauktion #1

Two great classics from Mercedes and Jaguar on May auction #1 2022.

Classic elegance from Mercedes on April Auction #2 - the limousine and the sports roadster

Two classic Mercedes from the same era - an ultra-luxury 600 limousine and a 190 SL Roadster - stands out in the second April listing from Bilweb Auctions.

Two racing Renaults on Bilweb Auctions: the Sixties´ R8 Gordini and the Nineties´ Sport Spider

Two rare Renaults, both sold as new in Sweden, stands out on Bilweb Auction´s  second listing in March: a single owner 1967 R8 Gordini and a 1998 ultra low milage Sport Spider.

Triplets in red Alfa Romeos from the Eighties on March Auction #1 - convertible, coupe, and sedan

An Alfa Romeo enthusiast, an Afisti, often shows an engagement close to fanatism. That is why our first auction in March should make these red hearts beat faster.

A Saab 900 Aero T16 from 1987 that should not exist

A Saab 900 Aero T16 in original and perfect condition, one owner, 29 000 kilometers. Such a car should not exist. Yet it does and is one of the stars on March Auction #1 2022.

Swedish automotive history for sale: untouched 1937 Volvo PV51 with unique documentation

On June 19 1938 the movie ”With the people for the motherland ” was shown on the movie theater ”Skandia” in Stockholm. This we can learn from the diary for this Volvo PV51, taken out on a long trip from its hometown Falkenberg. After 84 years of ownership in the same family business, this unique example of Swedish automotive history is up for bidding.

10 good reasons why buying a Volvo as a classic car

For a lot of people, getting a collectible Volvo is a natural choice - especially if you live in Sweden. Here are the top ten reasons why buying one.

The Husky that Steve McQueen raced - now on auction

A Husqvarna 400 Cross - the bike driven by actor Steve McQueen, called” King of Cool”. Now you have the chance to win it on auction - in as-new condition.  

Two 2-stroke Saabs on auction – one tough Monte Carlo racer and a charmy 95A

A red Saab 96 Monte Carlo, and professionally built for the racing track. Meet one of the most exciting cars on Bilweb Auctions´s premiere auction 2022.  

Back to the Nineties in a new Volvo 940

OK, it is not completely new, the odometer tells us 9030 kilometers, but the condition is as it never left the show room. This extremely low milage Volvo 940 from 1998 stands out on Bilweb Auctions premiere auction for 2022.

Interested in selling your vehicle? We are!

Bidding starts February 3 on the first of 17 auctions during 2022. You can submit your vehicle details for our upcomming by auctions by filling in our form "interest application" and providing information about your car. Our experts/valuers will then contact you and discuss an estimate of the value and describe our sales process.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

During 2021 we sold over 700 classic cars to a value of over 100 million SEK. 22 percent was exported, and the highest bid ended at 2 250 000 SEK. Several price records were noted, and we streamed live for the first time talking about classic cars. 

Dates are set for our first three auctions in January, February, and March.

The dates are set for the first three auctions in January, February, and March. Our goal is to have 17 auctions during 2022.

Two rare 1950s classics from Pontiac and Buick the last auction 2021

The late Fifties in the USA meant ”more” of everything” - plus extras - when it came to design. Two rare examples of this, both from General Motors, sparkles on Bilweb Auction´s Final Auction 2021 ending December 9. A 1959 Pontiac Bonneville Safari, maby the most glamorous station wagon and a 1958 Buick Century Convertible – the ultimate summer dream.

A original Porsche 356 - a direct link to the 1950s

When this black Porsche 356A rolled out from the factory in Zuffenhausen, Stuttgart, the company had been building cars in serial production for just 10 years. The year was 1958 and it was equipped with the biggest engine available, the 1.6 litre that produced 60 hp. 0 - 100 km/h took around 14 seconds - sports car performance at the time. 

A great Volvo 1800 ES with 24 570 km on the clock

The unusual sports wagon 1800 ES is a classic from Volvos with fast price development. In the USA, the model has been sold for over 90 000 USD. Now there is one with low milage on auction in Sweden. Great potential for collectors worldwide. 

Saab 900 Aero vs Volvo 850 T-5R - Swedish classic car battle on auction

Two classics, the Swedish performance cars Volvo vs 850 T-5R and 900 Aero, goes head-to-head in Bilweb Auctions classic car auction on November 11. It is Gothenburg vs Trollhattan. Which of them will win the price race?

Both joy and an investment owning a classic

Is a classic car an investment, and what should you think about when buying one? We asked Michael Luft, a true car enthusiast, and one of the founders of the auction company Bilweb Auctions. 

Rare and beautifully renovated PV 544 Sport G on auction

A Volvo collector's goal is to find a near perfect PV Sport G, and this dream car will go under the hammer this week on

The getaway car from the infamous Norrmalmstorgs bank robbery

The Norrmalmstorg heist and hostage incident is most recognized as the inspiration for the term Stockholm syndrome. It happened in 1973 at Norrmalmstorg in Stockholm, Sweden. It was the first time in Sweden that a criminal incident was broadcast live on television.

Art Deco with 12 cylinders - Bilweb Auctions sparks international interest with a rare Lincoln-Zephyr

 One of the great icons in automotive, a 1938 Lincoln-Zephyr Convertible Coupe, is the star of the auction line-up on Bilweb Auctions October Auction 2021

A 20-year old Skoda Felicia that is new down to the smallest details

A Skoda Felicia that was put away in 2001 after just 5400 kilometers - Bilweb Auctions continues to find unique cars for its classic car auctions.

A magnificent custom-built Bentley made by Park Ward coachwork in London

A white hand-built and streamlined 1930s Bentley on action ending September 30. The car is unique with a so-called streamline body and was produced in London by Park Ward coachwork. The car is worth between 2,000 and 2,500,000 SEK.

Saab 900 Turbo Talladega 1998 with 930 km on the clock

The Nineties are calling and wants its Saab 900 Turbo Talladega back, after being driven only 630 kilometers. It is a unique low milage car on auction. Bidding starts September 23 and the auction closes September 30. 

Mercedesfest at Bilweb Auctions

When Bilweb Auctions on September 16 carries out its 35h web based classic car auction, the Mercedes focus is obvious. Every fifth car on the auction list is from Stuttgart. Among them is one of the most sought-after Mercedes classics: a 230 SL from 1967, the “Pagoda”.

Historic Volvo P1800 recovered – on auction after 45 years in oblivion

När Volvos nya sportbil P1800 visades för pressen, på restaurang Fars Hatt i Kungälv, den 3 maj 1961 så var en av de tre bilarna röd med chassinummer 52. Idag, 60 år senare, är den en av de äldsta existerande Volvo P1800 och auktioneras ut på Bilweb Auctions Septemberauktion 2021 den 16 september. 

Rekordpris för en Volvo 1800S?

This beautiful and fully renovated P1800 from 1969 will be auctioned next Thursday. Perhaps a record price for the classic Volvo P1800 model?

Intresset för samlarfordon fortsätter att öka!

Intresset för samlarbilar fortsätter att öka och det har varit högt tryck på auktionerna under årets första sju månader. Bilar, motorcyklar, mopeder., traktorer och några båtar har auktionerats ut. Flera har sålts för rekordpriser, både oldtimers och youngtimers.

A Dream-Saab on auction

The Saab 96 Sport "Flat nose" is a collector's dream car, and this 1964 sport is now up for auction. It is in a superbly restored original condition and design, precisely how it looked new in the showroom about 60 years ago.

Early P1800 awoke after 40 years of slumber

A 1961 P1800 has been sleeping in a garage in Sjömarken, just outside Borås, for more than 40 years. The car has now been brought back to life and is in a running and driving condition, and it will be auctioned off soon.

Summer auction with rare classic cars

Bilweb Auctions have 80 classic cars and motorcycles on Summer auction 2021. The stars of the auction is a Mercedes 190SL, a Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint, a Lancia Delta Integrale and the car from the movie Back to the future.

Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit - en av de finaste i Europa

I det här skicket och med dess historik är det här exemplaret enligt många kännare en av Europas finaste representanter för modellen Silver Spirit. Som sådan är bilen ett otroligt prisvärt samlarobjekt och den nuvarande ägaren uttrycker en stor förhoppning om att den svenska ägarlängden och historiken får fortsätta att vara obruten. 

High interest for Porsche tractors on auction

Porsche is well-known for producing excellent sports cars. However, it is less well known that tractors with the same name have also been built. Three highly sought-after Porsche tractors will be auctioned off this week on

Online auction with classics from Chrysler and De Soto from the 1940s

Classics from Chrysler and De Soto for sale on Swedish online auction on Friday the 4th of June. It’s the Swedish collector Bo Mårtensson that sells his treasure. Eight cars in great condition from the 1940s. This is an opportunity for enthusiasts

Two of the world’s most well preserved Volkswagen classics on auction

The 3rd of June you can “win” two classics from Volkswagen, coveted by collectors all over the world. One Typ1 Split Window from 1951 and a Notchback VW 1600 L from 1967. Both in great original condition.  

A stored Rolls-Royce from 1937 on auction

At Bilweb Auctions, a genuinely nice 1936 Rolls-Royce in original condition is now up for auction. The car has a fascinating story that begins in Helsinki prior to World War II.

Orörda hundkojor på auktion

Minin eller ”hundkojan” är en klassiker i bilhistorien som många samlare älskar. Nu går tre helt nya fast ändå 20 gamla bilar under klubban.

Spring auction 2021 with its 51 auctions has a car for everyone

Swedish classics, classics, unusual ones, Yankees, sporty and popular collector cars. Spring auction 2021 with its 51 auctions has a car for everyone. The bidding is live and the auctions ends 22/4.

Three Adenauer-Mercedes on auction

It is not common having Adenauer Mercedes on auction. We have three on our easter action. Also six other classics from Mercedes.

Check out our Youtube channel

Test drives and videos of cars on our online auctions. We push videos every week.

A rare BMW 340 on auction

There's an interesting story about the 340 model. It was manufactured in BMW's largest factory in Eisenach, which fell behind the Iron Curtain after World War II when the Soviets occupied eastern Germany. BMW models were manufactured here until 1952 which — just like this car — were based on pre-war models.

Påskauktion för entusiastbilar

Snart är det dags för en stor påskauktion för entusiastbilar. I samarbete med Bilsport Performance Show och Custom Motor Show arrangerar vi i år en stor entusiastbilsauktion under påskhelgen.

Ytterligare en rolig dag på jobbet

Den första auktionen för året är avslutad och de flesta bilarna såldes direkt. Superkul att intresset är så högt för samlarbilar i alla våra kanaler. På hemsidan och framförallt på Facebook och Instagram där diskussionerna och kommentarerna flödar.

Rare classics from Volvo on car auction

Classics from Volvo are attractive on the market. Our first auction 2021 have eleven Volvos on the auction list. Two Volvon 242 GT, one 242 Turbo and a couple of late Volvo PV 544

Flera fina samlarbilar på årets första auktion

Den 28/1 börjar vi räkna ner auktionerna på årets första nätauktion med samlarbilar och det finns flera intressanta objekt på listan. En Volvo PV 544 Sport G – 1966, Bristol 400 – 1947, Mercedes-Benz 230 SL Pagoda – 1964, Jaguar E-Type 4.2 – 1969.

The first auction 2021

During January we will publish pictures and descriptions on approximately 50 classics. Both oldtimers and youngtimers in various price range. The bidding start 20/1 and the count down of the auctions stars 28/1.

Ökat intresse för samlarbilar

Ökat intresse för samlarbilar. Intresset för samlarbilar ökar konstant. I år har Bilweb Auctions fördubblat antalet auktioner jämfört med förra året för att möta en ökad efterfrågan.

Spännande Saabar på årets sista auktion

På torsdag går två intressanta Sabbar under klubban på en och samma bilauktion. Det är en Saab 900 Aero Turbo från 1984 och en Saab 9000 CS Aero Turbo 16 från 1993 som skall få nya ägare.

Four classics from BMW on auction

A quartet of fine BMW models on Bilweb Auctions last online auction during 2020. Bidding is live and the actions end the 26th of November

Prisrekord för Volvo 740 Turbo på novemberauktionen

Samlarbilar med låga mil på mätaren - och prestandaversioner är två viktiga faktorer som budgivarna gillar.

High interest and success when a classic car collection from Värmland was sold last week

70 classic cars in various conditions were sold on this auction. The classic cars were sold on behalf of a collector and scrapyard from Jössefors in Värmland. The total value of the cars sold was over SEK 5 millions and many being exported all over Europe.

Digital showroom with the Arvika car collection

If you missed looking att the Arvika car collection on site in Jössefors last Friday you can now take a digital tour.

Great interest in media when the Arvika car collection are auctioned

Many news paper and car sites have written about the Arvika car collection that is auctioned the 29/10.

Swedish car collection on auction

A Swedish classic car collection will soon be auctioned with about 60 interesting collector cars, many of which have been in storage for more than 40 years.

Record price for Volvo P1800

Recently, a very nice and completely renovated P1800 S from 1965 was sold by Bilweb's latest collector car auction. The final bid ended up on a record high price of SEK 376 000!

Exclusive Volvo models being auctioned

Shortly, a P1800S, two Volvo 240 Turbo and at the same time a pair of Volvo 262 Coupé cars will go under the hammer at Bilweb Auctions. These five Volvo stars will attract great interest among collectors.

Fem Porschar på ett bräde

Den 17 september går hela fem Porschar under klubban på en ny intressant auktion med fina samlarbilar.

Unik P1800 såldes för en halv miljon

En unik ljusblå Volvo P1800 ES från 1972 såldes förra helgen för 530 000 kr på en välgörenhetsauktion i samband med stora Ba(r)ndagen

The world's most lavish Volvo P 1800 on auction

A unique light blue Volvo P1800 ES from 1972 has undergone a renovation for over one million SEK. The car is now in a developed new condition with a modern driveline and a tuned B20 engine of 240 hp. It is now being sold at a charity auction.

The world's oldest registered Saab on online auction

The 3rd of September the world's oldest registered Saab will be on our online auction. It’s a Saab 92 with chassis number 4 that was used by Saab during the years 1948–1952 as a test car and then sold to a private person.

Skrotbilar såldes för rekordpris under auktion

Priserna rusade iväg idag under Bilwebs Auctions sommarauktion. Två ”skrotbilar” såldes för över 300 000 kr!

Fina klassiska VW-bussar på sommarauktion

Flera äldre VW-modeller med samlarvärde är med på kommande sommarauktion. Även två eftertraktade VW-bussar som kommer locka ännu fler samlare.

Car auction with classics from Volkswagen

On our upcoming classic car auction, a total of ten interesting collector-VW cars are participating.

Bilen som köptes med mark

Bilweb Auctions sommarauktion väcker rekordintresse med 121 klassiker som går under klubban. Auktionslistan innehåller flera spännande modeller varav en Buick med fantastisk historik som startar djupt i Kanadas inland.

En mycket ovanlig bil i ett fantastiskt originalskick

Bilen levererades ny till Billners rederi i Göteborg. Efter ett par år på vägarna, närmare bestämt 1963, såldes bilen vidare till en herre i Skåne som körde med bilen fram till 1979. Då hade den rullat blygsamma 7900 mil.

High interest for classic cars

While world economy is hit by pan-epidemic we still see great interest for classic cars. Alternative and fun investments.

Pick up of auction cars during March and April 2020

After winning an auction at Bilweb Auctions you get the right to buy the actual car. Our rules state that you must approve the description and the condition of the actual car within a weeks.

Udda liten trehjuling som sticker ut

Den klart udda trehjuliga micro-bilen Acoma Mini Comtesse sticker verkligen ut. Troligen den enda bil av märket som någonsin satt sina tre hjul på svensk mark. Snart går den originella skapelsen på auktion.

Volvo 245 Turbo – en dröm för yngre samlare

En del Volvo 240-modeller har numera blivit till eftertraktade samlarbilar. Ett exempel är 245 Turbo. Snart säljs ett varsamt renoverat exemplar på auktion. Alla detaljer är i perfekt originalskick.

Sällsynt kanadensisk sportbil på auktion

Vem har någonsin hört talas om 70-tals bilen Bricklin? Snabb, snygg och säker enligt dåtidens reklam. Idag en ovanlig samlarbil, för modellen tillverkades bara under två år!

Ovanlig sport-folka på auktion

Bilen på bilden är faktiskt en Volkswagen. En mycket ovanlig sportmodell som tillverkades i Brasilien på 70-talet.

Preparations for next year auctions

We are already preparing and working with our first classic car auction in 2020 that will be held in March. Please contact us if you have a classic to sell and for valuations.

Citroën DS Cabriolet på auktion i Sverige

Nyligen hittades flera bortglömda klassiska bilar in en lada på den svenska landsbygden. En av dessa är en Citroën DS 21 Cabriolet från 1967. Bilen säljs inom kort på auktion.

Kunglig bröllopsbil på auktion

Det kungliga bröllopet den 19 juni 2010 i Stockholms Storkyrka mellan H.K.H. Kronprinsessan Victoria och Herr Daniel Westling var ett unikt evenemang. Det var det första kvinnliga tronföljarbröllopet i den svenska regentlängden.

Är samlarbilar en bra investering?

Att samla på bilar behöver inte kosta en förmögenhet och kan dessutom vara en bra investering. Kolla in DITVs intervju av vår värderingsexpert Michael Luft. Han ger tips och råd kring samlarbilsköpet.

The last Saab on auction

A brand-new silver-colored 9-3 Aero Turbo4 that never left the factory will soon be sold at action the 6-7th of November.

Volvo-klassiker under klubban på onsdag

Två ovanliga Volvobilar från tidigt 30-tal går under klubban i veckan. Samlarbilarna har tillbringat de senaste dryga 50-åren i en lada utanför Skövde.

Bilen som gick till sjöss

Den kanske största fördelen med minibilen NSU-Fiat 500 Coupé är att den är liten och lätt. Så kompakt att den både kan förvaras, lastas och lossas från ett mindre fartyg.

Bilar från Holland nära döden för Volvo

Remjohan kallades bilen som en gång i tiden var nära att sänka hela Volvo. Företagsledningen spelade rysk roulett med varumärket. Att måla läppstift på grisar blev en dyrköpt läxa.

War hero on car auction

It was the Canadian CMP all-terrain vehicle that put the English Army on wheels during World War II. The vehicle thus became an important contribution to the victory of the Allies. Now one of these war heroes from 1943 is up for auction in short.

Super-Mercedes built by Porsche

The Mercedes E 500 was called the "super-sport sedan" and "wolf in sheep's clothing" when it arrived in 1993. The model was hand-built at Porsche and was one of the 90's fastest sedan cars. Now it’s soon up for auction.

Barn find på höstauktion

Barn find med 60 bilar på höstauktion den 18-19 september

Bilweb Auctions wish you all a wonderful summer!

Next classic car auction ends in September. During July and August we are documenting and photographing the cars for sale.

Aero - bilmärket som ingen känner till

Få har hört talas om bilmärket Aero och det finns bara en enda unik bil i Sverige som nu säljs på auktion.

Volvo S60 Challenge T5 Evo — 2002

This is a race ready Volvo S60 Challenge, 1 of only 26 build. A rare opportunity to get a piece of Volvos race history. The car is ready to race.

Herbie comes to an auction

Soon Herbie will participate in an auction in Sweden. The car with a soul was born in 1965 and has been owned by Disney in Sweden. He played an important role during the launch of the latest movie.

Opel Admiral Cabriolet 1939 på nätauktion för miljonen!

Den 10 maj startar nedräkningen på en mycket fin och ovanlig Opel Admiral Cabriolet från 1939. Bedömt värde ligger på en miljon. Det lär bli ett Opel-rekord i Sverige.

Unik konst-Amazon

Ett mycket speciellt verk av den kände norrländske konstnären Erling Johnsson är målat på en Volvo Amazon från 1969. Nu hoppas säljarna att även konstvärlden deltar i den kommande bilauktionen.

Lövgroda med ankstjärt till salu

Citroën Typ C3 Torpedo 5 CV var företagets första massproducerade bil. Just detta exemplar är sålt i Sverige och har den eftertraktade ankstjärt-karossen.

Deckarfavorit på Bilweb Auctions stora vårauktion den 9-10 maj!

Visst är det något magiskt med filmbilar? En av de verkliga pärlorna på Bilweb Auctions kommande vårauktion den 9-10 maj är deckaren Columbos Peugeot 403 Grand Luxe Cabriolet – eller i alla fall en identisk bil med fin svensk historia.

Check out the classics on the big spring auction 2019

Below you find dates for each city where you can look at the classics on our big spring auction 2019. You find city, address and contact information on each car on

Per-Albins Chevrolet dragplåster på auktion

Proveniens kan betyda allt när det gäller gamla bilar. Många vill glida omkring i den Chevrolet som en gång ägdes privat av Per-Albin Hansson.

Autobahn-racer BMW Alpina B8 3.2 on big classic car auction the 9-10th of May 2019

Soon we will auction this youngtimer that is restored to top condition and has all unique details intact. A modern classic performance car - fastest on Autobahn in 1977!

Under Påskhelgen är vi på Bilsport Performance & Custom Motorshow på Elmia!

Vill du träffa oss och prata klassiska bilar? Under Påskhelgen är vi på Bilsport Performance & Custom Motorshow på Elmia.

Inlämning pågår till vårens stora samlarbilsauktion

Den 9-10 maj 2019 är det dags för årets stora vårauktion för samlarbilar! Bilarna presenteras på auktionssajten i mitten av april. Just nu arbetar vi för fullt med att värdera, dokumentera och fotografera auktionsbilarna. Vi har fortfarande plats för fler och inlämningen pågår för fullt.

Tack för i år alla glada bilentusiaster!

Nu är vintern här och de flesta samlarbilar står undanställda och väntar på våren. Även vi på Bilweb Auctions går i ide i väntan på våren. Vi vill tacka alla som följt oss för ett otroligt spännande första år.

Kungens jaktbil på Bilweb Auctions stora höstauktion!

Årets älgjakt är i full gång. Och så även för vår egen monark Carl XVI Gustaf. Nu har Bilweb Auctions fått förmånen att sälja en off road-klassiker med bästa tänkbara proveniens. Missa inte vår stora höstauktion med final den 3:e oktober.

Succé för Bilweb Auctions stora Folkvagnsauktion!

Den 22 september gick finalen på Bilweb Auctions auktion av fordonen på Holmgrens Volkswagenmuseum. I flera fall blev priserna rekordhöga! Sveriges äldsta Volkswagen Typ 1 klubbades för 1 350 000 och Ultima Edición, en av de absolut sista, för 1,1 miljoner kronor.

Jodie Fosters första bil på Bilweb Auctions stora Volkswagenauktion

Den 22-23 september är det final för Bilweb Auctions auktion på en av världens finaste privata Volkwagensamlingar. En av de unika bilarna är skådespelaren Jodie Fosters cabriolet av ovanliga specialmodellen Epilogue – en av bara 900 tillverkade.

En av landets finaste traktorsamlingar på auktion!

Bilweb Auctions säljer nu Per Larssons traktormuseum i Staffanstorp. Sammanlagt säljs ett 80-tal mer eller mindre unika veterantraktorer. På auktionen som har final den 15-16 september kommer också ett 20-tal klassiska bilar samt uppemot 40 stycken äldre motorcyklar och mopeder att säljas. Dessutom mängder av stationära motorer, äldre jordbruksredskap och reservdelar med mera.

Unik Ultima Edición på Bilweb Auctions stora Folkvagnsauktion!

Den 22-23 september säljer Bilweb Auctions den fantastiska Volkswagensamlingen i Pålsboda. En av de mest eftertraktade bilarna är landets enda tilldelade Ùltima Edición. Med mycket högt chassinummer och enbart 2,5 mil på mätaren ett unikt samlarexemplar.

En av världens äldsta Folkvagnar på auktion

Den 22-23 september säljer Bilweb Auctions en av världens finaste Volkswagen-samlingar. En av de mest unika bilarna är en av de absolut äldsta. En Typ 1 från 1948 – såld ny i Sverige och renoverad till utställningsskick!

På onsdag är det finaldags för auktionen på Pall-Olles stora bilmuseum

På onsdag och torsdag auktioneras en av landets finaste privata bilsamlingar ut. Pall-Olles magnifika bilmuseum i skånska Jännaholm. Idag visar Bilweb Auctions upp fordonen för sista gången.

Mr Turbos superbåt på Bilweb Auctions sommarauktion!

Nu säljs motorgeniet Per Gillbrands egen unika superbåt med Saab Turbo-motor på Bilweb Auctions kommande sommarauktion den 27-28 juni.

Bilweb Auctions säljer en av landets finaste privata samlingar på auktion

Olle Ni lsson i Jännaholm samlade bi lar i över 40 år och fick med tiden ihop en mycket fin samling som spänner över både det folkl iga och förnäma. Nu har Bilweb Auctions fått förmånen att säl ja stora delar av saml ingen. Visningen sker på plats i Jännaholm i juni och den 27-28 juni säljs fordonen på nätauktion.

En av världens finaste Volkswagensamlingar på nätauktion

I nära 50 år har Bengt Holmgren i Pålsboda samlat på unika Volkswagenbilar och idag har han en av de förnämsta samlingarna i världen. I stort sett en Folkvagn av varje årsmodell – många av dem lågmilare! Den 22-23 september säljs bilarna på auktion via Bilweb Auctions!

How to buy and sell classics on Bilweb Auctions

Our senior appraiser Michael Luft explains how to sell and buy classics on From pick up, test and descriptions to bidding on our online auctions. Bilweb Auctions AB is a company specializing in the sale of vintage cars, enthusiast cars and sports cars for collectors and car enthusiasts.

Bilmuseet som försvann – nu på samlarbilsauktion

Dessa fina ord beskriver den stora samling ovanliga och orörda bilar som en radiohandlare i Lidköping samlade ihop under 1950- och 60-talet. Fordonen visade han upp i en enkel plåtlada i Gillstad i Västergötland långt in på 1990-talet. Radio- och tv-handlaren hade tagit gamla bilar i inbyte när han sålde nya apparater och eftersom efterfrågan på radio och tv var stor blev det med åren en stor samling.

Unique Volvo Amazon for sale!

One of Sweden’s finest none renovated Volvo Amazon? Available for sale at Bilweb Auctions Collector's Auction on the May 5th, this unique car that has only 18,480 kilometers on the clock.

En unik Volvo 165 från 1972 på den stora vårauktionen!

Den 5:e maj säljer vi Fredrik Nyblads berömda Volvo 165 på auktion. En unik bil som bara byggdes i ett exemplar

Just nu pågår inlämning till den stora vårauktionen!

Den 5-6 maj är det alltså dags igen för samlarbilsauktion. Inlämning pågår för fullt och vi har redan fått in många fina och intressanta objekt. Du är varmt välkommen med din bil, du också!

A unique Saab for sale at Bilweb Auctions on the 19th November!

Saab 96 V4 Super, 1980 (68 Hp) "Run-out" model no.32 and one of the last ever made. Never driven in traffic and still equivalent to new. Absolutely unique!

Our first auction was a big game changer when it comes to prices for classic Volvo cars

Auktionen var en stor game changer när det gäller priserna för klassiska Volvobilar.

Ny samlarbilsauktion - den 18:e november är det dags igen!

Ny samlarbilsauktion - den 18:e november är det dags igen!

The best channel to sell classics cars, motorcycles and collections in Sweden!

Bilweb Auctions started 2017 and is a company specializing in the sale of vintage cars, enthusiast cars and sports cars for collectors and car enthusiasts.

Now we have delivered all vehicles in Olofström!

Thanks to all fantastic buyers that picked up their won classics in Olofström. There have been great weeks meeting happy and excited customer and car enthusiasts from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Germany, UK, US and more.

Kjell Olssons car collection and Olofström, Sweden

It is no coincidence that one of the worlds greatest Volvo collections is in Olofström. The society of Olofström has been built around operations of Volvo for almost 90 years.

Unique Volvo collection to be auctioned at Bilweb after the summer

Kjell Olsson's car collection in Olofström consists of close to 200 cars, making it one of the worlds greatest collections of Volvo cars. The whole collection will now be sold on online-auction finishing between the 21st to 23rd September.

Så här går samlarbilsauktionen i Olofström till

Så här ser planerna ut för den stora samlarbilsauktionen i Olofström, som vi skrivit om tidigare: I mitten av augusti lägger vi ut listan med alla bilar på /auctions.

Titta på bilarna i Olofström sommar

Som vi skrivit om tidigare så kommer vi att hålla en stor samlarbilsauktion i Olofström.

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Tack för visat intresse, du kommer nu få nyheter och information om kommande auktioner.


Tack för visat intresse, du kommer nu få nyheter och information om kommande auktioner.