About us

Bilweb Auctions AB is a marketplace specialized in sale of vintage cars, enthusiast cars and sports cars. We offer Swedish as well as international car enthusiasts a unique platform to buy and sell collector cars. For a successful business it's important that both sellers and buyers are satisfied. It’s therefore of great importance that all cars are described as accurate and fair as possible. All sales objects are assessed by our highly experienced appraisers after the seller in detail have filled in a carefully prepared template that is specially formulated for collector cars. Tests in combination with extensive image material and documentation provide an objective and detailed description of the vehicles and create conditions for buyers to safely be able to bid and buy their new collector car.

Bilweb Auctions AB’s unique marketplace with online auctions for classic cars is open to all. So whether you have a car or an entire collection, you are most welcome. Click on the link to register your car to the next Bilweb Auction!

The team (and also owners) behind the creation of the Bilweb Auctions AB, together with all employees involved, have a huge interest in collector cars and several of us have own veteran and hobby cars. We have more than 20 years of experience in the car auction business, then Michael Luft, Jan Byström, Hans Edvardsson and Krister Cervin founded and developed the KVD Kvarndammen car auctions during the 1990 's and 2000 's.

Pontus Bärnarp
Jens Hasselholm
Operations & Auction Manager
Mathias Björkman
Henrik Zhong-Jie Landén
Key Account Manager
Jan Byström
Johan Ålander
Valuation Specialist
Michael Luft
Museum & Collections
Rickard Dahl
Customer service
Per-Åke Fröberg
Mikael Johnn
Peter Sundfeldt
Shaun Major
Ted Gryth
Tore Thallaug
Ulf Olsson
Mårten Carlsson
Nisse Brandt
Mathias Casserlund
Rebecca R Bengtsson
Case manager
Ida Johansen
Case manager
Henrik Landén
Case manager

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