Bilweb Auctions export terms, for export sales

Conditions for sales to foreign buyers. The rules apply to both individuals and companies within the European Union (EU), as well as outside the EU.

  1. VAT: Individuals and companies (within and outside the EU) purchase collector vehicles and other goods on Bilweb Auctions' auction site for the gross price including Swedish (non-deductible) VAT. (This means that VAT on collector vehicles is not deductible, as older vehicles and other items have almost always been owned by private individuals.)
  2. When you are logged in and bidding, it is clear that the VAT is not deductible. It is indicated: VAT: No (= not deductible). (If instead it says; VAT: Yes (= live VAT), = deductible for companies inside and outside the EU.
  3. All buyers will receive the original "Sales Contract/Receipt" and Swedish registration documents, ("Registration Certificate"), in original, for their registration of the vehicle in the new home country, upon delivery/pick-up at the auction site.
  4. Foreign buyers (or their agents) must present a passport or driving license for ID check at the time of pick-up. Transport agents or other representatives must also present a power of attorney from the buyer that they represent him. These documents will be photographed by Bilweb Auctions' representative or agent, at the pick-up.
  5. Foreign buyers (or their agents with power of attorney) must sign a sales contract/receipt with an agreement on delivery approval in connection with the pick-up.
  6. License plates shall be removed when the vehicle is picked up by a foreign buyer. If the plates are not removed at pick-up, the buyer must send them to Bilweb Auctions (see address below) within 10 days after pick-up, (this is so that Bilweb Auctions can deregister the vehicle in Sweden). A special fee will be charged to the foreign buyer for plates not returned.
  7. Foreign buyers must also send a bill of lading or registration application from their home country, by mail, or e-mail to Bilweb Auctions AB. This should be done when the vehicle has been transported to the buyer's home country, or reported for registration in their or another country. This is for Bilweb Auctions to be able to deregister the car in Sweden. A special fee will be charged to the foreign buyer for documents not sent (as above).
  8. NOTE! All vehicles and other items are sold in their existing condition and as inspected and approved by the buyer at the time of delivery. Complaints made after the goods have left the auction site will not be accepted under these terms. If a foreign buyer picks up their goods with the help of a representative or a transporter, they will need to inspect and approve the goods based on the power of attorney the buyer provides to the transporter and Bilweb Auctions AB. The representative will then need to sign the "Sales Contract/Receipt" and delivery approval for the buyer, before loading (i.e., before the goods leave the auction site).
  9. Clarification regarding EU rules on the right of withdrawal for private individuals making distance purchases. Bilweb Auctions' business model does not accept sales and purchases at a distance to private individuals in its terms. For this reason, the buyer themselves, or through a representative with power of attorney (such as a transporter), must sign the "Sales Contract/Receipt" at the auction site in connection with pick-up/delivery. This means that a distance purchase does not exist since the sales contract with delivery approval is entered into locally on-site and thus not at a distance.
  10. Vehicles and other goods must be picked up within 14 days after the auction has ended unless otherwise agreed. After the agreed pick-up, Bilweb Auctions has the right to charge a "late pick-up fee" or garage rent according to the current price list.

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