Export sales

Non-Swedish private individuals and companies within the European economic area (EEA) purchases items as is, inclusive of non-deductible Swedish tax. Companies within the EEA do not have to pay VAT on the bidding fee, provided that they can present an international VAT-number.

Companies and private individuals outside of the EEA purchases items inclusive of non-deductible Swedish VAT. The VAT on the bidding fee is deductible once the item is brought into another country, through a special procedure with the Swedish tax authorities. Normally there is not any deductible VAT on collectible cars.

All non-Swedish purchaser will upon on-site delivery receive receipt and originals of the Swedish registration documents which enables registration in the new home country.

License plates. The plates shall be sent to Bilweb Auctions within 10 days after pick-up, allowing us to de-register the vehicle in Sweden. Non-returned plates will be penalised with a special fee. Non-Swedish buyers must provide passport and incorporation certificate (for companies) at time of pick-up. You will also sign a contract for delivery approval. Complaints that are made after the item has been delivered will not be processed. If a non-Swedish buyer cannot pick up his/her items themselves, a transporter may do so provided they have a power of attorney allowing them to both approve and pick up the item.

Customer support

- Shaun Major, export manager
tel: 0709724007
- Jan Byström, auctioneer,
tel: 0705 103130
- Michael Luft, surveyor,
tel: 0708-202113
- Jens Hasselholm, support,
tel: 031 - 933 331

Bilweb Auctions c/o CHIAB Backa Bergögata 8, 422 46 Hisings Backa

031-89 48 00

Company nr / organisationnumber / VAT nr: SE 5590954540-01

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