Bilweb Auctions AB is a market place specialized in the sale of veteran, enthusiast, and sports cars. Our ambition is that the overall purchasing process should be as simple, transparent and effective as possible.

Important for a successful purchase of a car at auctions is that you carefully have read and considered descriptions and the picture material regarding the vehicle before you start bidding. The cars are professionally tested and described but you must by yourself, based on your own requirements for quality and experience, assess the vehicle and what you think it´s worth.

The cars are sold "as is" without warranty. Therefore, it´s important that you as a buyer when arriving to the auction site/repository, carefully inspect the car before pick-up/delivery. When you by bidding have bought a car, we want you to deposit the purchase amount on our trust account. When you have inspected the car at the site, if then the car doesn´t correspond to the description, you have the right to decline the purchase and receive the buyer's fee and the deposit.

You can visit the auction site for viewing before the auction ends. All objects for sale are available for viewing and inspection in due time before the end at the specified display location.


To bid, you must register yourself as a user and fill in personal data according to the form. All bidding takes place openly on the website, but as a bidder, you are anonymous. When bidding in an auction only the customer number, which you will receive after you have registered, will be visible.

At completion of your registration, you can start bidding. You can either put a specific bid or an “automatic bid” (offered at some auctions). You can also issue distance bids via email.

On all items, there is a date and time specified when the countdown begins. This is the time when the auction goes into a closing phase starting a countdown underway for at least a period of two minuts. If additional bids are placed during this time (last minute), the countdown time will prolong for another minute. The auction ends when no new bids are received during the countdown period (meaning the bidding has been stalled for more than a minute).


For sales to private individuals and companies in our neighboring countries within the EU, special rules apply which we call export rules. Read more about export regulations


Display of the auction objects is offered to registered auction customers. See opening hours and display locations on each auction item.


Many sales objects have a rating (assessed value) and a minimum price that we call the reserve price. The reserve price shall be set at a relatively low valuation of assessed value and is meant to give, the salespersons who wishes this, a sense of security that the object is not sold at any price.

On the site is shown in the “bid box” if the reserve price is met or not. When this is achieved, it says "reservation price reached:" YES ". If so, you can be sure you are allowed to purchase the auction object if you win the auction. Ending auction without the reserve price is reached there is a negotiation between sellers and highest bidder after the auction. In most cases, this will be agreed and the sale comes through.

Once the reserve price is met, are you as the winning bidder required to complete the purchase and pay the buyer's fee. When you have inspected the car at the site, you have the right to decline the purchase and receive the buyer's fee in that case the car does not correspond to the description.

If you are the highest bidder, without the reserve price is reached, you are not bound by your bid, and can refrain the deal without additional costs.


If you have won an auction, there is a buyer's fee (auction fee plus buyer fee) if the reserve price is met. The buyer's fee is shown on the site during each auction item under "bid".

If you are the highest bidder, but the reserve price is still not met, there is a negotiation after the auction. In this case, if the deal comes through, the buyer's fee will be charged. If no deal is agreed, (when the reserve price is not reached), there will be no charge for the winning bidder.


A customer who wins the bidding shall, within 24 hours, pay the buyer's fee for purchasing auction objects in accordance with the amount indicated on the website and also stated in the email sent out after the auction. The object price must be paid (deposited) within 5 working days. However, the amount must always be received by Bilweb Auctions before pick up.

The buyer shall after payment, by himself or by an agent, inspect and approve the auction object at the site. When you have inspected and approved the auction object in place this will complete the deal and the purchase agreement is signed. At the time of delivery, if you feel that the object is not as advertised, you have the right to decline the purchase and get back the buyer's fee and purchase amount.


All biddings and all fees as indicated includes VAT. Auction objects that contain deductible VAT for certain traders are presented in the "Tax Deductible" with VAT “YES”, if not it´s stated VAT “NO”. For individuals, this information is not applicable.

Traders must check whether the VAT on current sales items is deductible in his/her company. The buyer's fee includes VAT which normally is deductible in a trader's enterprise.

Specific rules concerning sales tax apply to foreign customers for export. Read more about export conditions


After you have deposit the purchase price for the auction object you shall inspect and approve it and retrieve the auction item. For each auction item there is a specific pick-up time slot (check opening hours at pick-up site).

Pick-up time slot and storage location is stated in the winning bid mail you receive when you win an auction. Normally, the pick-up should occur within 5-10 days after the day of the auction unless otherwise is agreed. Buyers are free to carry out transport operations through agents or by themselves. The responsibility for the auction objects is released in connection with the pick-up. It´s important that you have a valid insurance in connection with the pick-up. If you select to do the pick-up by an agent or carrier, it´s important that they have a Power of Attorney from you to inspect and approve the auction object (a signed delivery acceptance and purchase agreement).


We have gathered information on all parts of our sales activities in our auction terms and conditions. We encourage you to read through these before you purchase something on our auctions. (If you signed up to bid on an auction, you must accept the auction terms before you can log in).

Tack för visat intresse, du kommer nu få nyheter och information om kommande auktioner.