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What should I do to be able to place bids?

Click on the title Create account and follow the instruction. To be able to participate in the bidding at the auctions a registration is mandatory. There are no costs or charges to register and create an account.

How does the bidding process works?

How does the bidding process works? On all items, there is a date and time specified when the countdown begins. This is the time when the auction goes into a closing phase starting a countdown underway for at least a period of two minuts. If additional bids are placed during this time (last minute), the countdown time will prolong for another minute. The auction ends when no new bids are received during the countdown period (meaning the bidding has been stalled for more than a minute).

How are the objects tested and described?

All auction objects have been tested by our professional valuers who follow a prescribed test routine. The results are documented in the object description and together with a large number of images the bidders get a good idea of the object. We ask, however, bidders to inspect the object at the display times offered, due the fact all items are sold as is.

Please note! Veteran- and enthusiast cars are described with focus on the object's status from a collector's point of view, as if the car is in original condition, refurbished, repainted, rebuilt, etc. Collector's vehicles are used only to a limited extent and often unused for longer periods. For this reason, the description of veteran and collector vehicles is different vs. utility vehicles. Instead the descriptions of the vehicles are designed to give a good accurate general description as the basis for a collectible value and not as use value.

What do we mean by renovation & repair items?

It is an item that is defective, bad conditions, essential parts missing etc. Items are in great need of renovation, repair or suitable to take spare parts from. The items are tested only in general terms and cannot be claimed.

What is the reserve price?

For auction items, there is often a minimum price that the customer is willing to sell the auction item for (the "reserve price"). The reserve price is set in consultation between the seller and our experts in order to be reasonable, and even quite low, so the item can be sold. If the reserve price is met it's marked in the bid field. If the reserve price is not met, the object can still be sold if agreement is reached after negotiation. The highest bid is binding even if the reserve price is not reached.

What does assess value means?

In the description an estimate of a possible value of the object is presented. The assessed value shall be regarded as a general guidance for this type of object. Crucial for the bidding is the unique condition, standard and quality for each object. The price at which an item is finally sold can be substantially higher or lower than the assessed value. We recommend customers to adapt the bidding to the described condition of each item.

What to do if you regret your bid?

Bids may be cancelled until 6 hours before auction end. Let us know as soon as possible at info@bilwebauctions.se. Enter the applicable item number, bidder and the bid which must be removed.

How does it work when I shall pick-up the auction object?

After the auction, the winning bidder will receive an e-mail with payment terms and information about the place and time were and when to pick-up the object. Bring a copy of your payment or a payment confirmation from your Bank. Thereafter, the item must be approved on the spot and a binding sales contract is then signed. Don't forget subscribe ev. insurance and to bring the equipment you need for loading, lashing, etc.

What fees will be added to the winning bid price?

For each auction object, there is a buyer's fee as indicated on the item in connection with bid field. The size of the buyer’s fee is shown on each item and varies depending on the item's assessed value. All fees are quoted incl. Swedish VAT.

How does it work with complaints?

All items are sold "as is", i.e. in the current condition at the time of purchase. Secondhand goods are normally more or less defected and can have various type of errors, which you as a buyer must count for. Significant errors and deficiencies are described on the web-site but normal wear and tear is not wrong in the legal sense of the word. It's therefore of great importance that buyers carefully check the item before acceptance and retrieval. The seller has no responsibility for any error that occurs after delivery.

At the time of delivery, if you feel that the item does not meet your expectations with regard to the description, photos, age, etc., you have the right to abstain, and then we will refund the buyer's fee and the item's price.

Before any complaint, bear in mind that for any error, damage or defects Bilweb Auctions and/or the seller have no responsibility if:

  • Are shown in the pictures or description
  • Should have been detected when viewing, during test drive or at the time of delivery
  • Which is normal wear and tear or otherwise normal taking into account age, price and condition
  • Items sold as renovation or repair objects, not even if errors or defects have not been included in the description
  • Property sold on behalf of the Swedish enforcement authority, a liquidator or other compulsive sale. For these objects it's not possible to apply to the right to claim under the consumer protection act.
  • Collector's vehicles are sold as collector’s items and not as utility objects. They have often been unused for a long time and cannot be put into service without technical briefing. The description of goods is not as for ordinary utility vehicles. The descriptions aims to determine how interesting they are in collectors ' terms such as original condition, renovations, modifications, quality of painting, decoration and technology, history etc.
  • Buyer shall immediately notify to Bilweb Auctions when an error is detected. Complaints should be made in writing to info@bilwebauctions.se
  • Complaints must always be informed to Bilweb Auctions before any form of repair can be carried out. In these cases, a cost estimate must be sent to Bilweb Auctions. Bilweb Auctions have the right to first assess and approve the cost proposal and also be given the possibly to adjust the defect using own resources.
  • If the buyer is a commercial entity/company the claim must be issued to Bilweb Auctions before the property is transported from Bilweb Auctions's sale area. Complaints from traders after collection will not be considered, why it's important to carefully examine the auction item before it leaves the Bilweb Auctions's sale.
  • Bilweb Auctions reserves the right to correct such errors in sold items that the seller is responsible for. Bilweb Auctions also have the right to designate another equivalent object. If the remedying of defects is not made within a reasonable time after receipt of the complaint made, the buyer has the right to cancel the purchase and against the return of the object obtain the amount paid. Transportation costs are reimbursed, but not other costs. Please note that there is no right to a price reduction when purchasing second-hand goods at auction. Bilweb Auctions reserves the rights, at substantially deviances, repurchase the item for auction price with deductions for any wear and tear etc.
  • Reimbursement of transportation costs and travel expenses can only be done when proved by the customer through receipts or by other formal basis.

What is the obligation for the buyer to investigate?

It's the purchaser that must check that the auction object corresponds to what he or she is entitled to expect, taking into account the description, like the object's age, history and mileage and more.

Buyers, in connection with the shipment shall carefully examine the auction item and confirm that it responds to Bilweb Auctions's description.

Used goods can often have defects which is something that the buyer must expect. According to the Swedish law for consumer protection (Konsumentköplagen) an item sold at an auction is considered as sold "as is". This means that the product is sold in the condition it is at the time of purchase. The seller is responsible only for the defects that exist at the time of purchase, not for errors discovered by the buyer after the deal is closed.

For errors or damages that the buyer should have seen in the display upfront the auction or at the time of removal is not within the responsibility of the seller. The same applies to defects that can be seen from the description of the property, online or on site. Auction purchasing means increased risk for the buyer, but also a good opportunity to do good business.

Remember that normal wear and tear is not wrong in the legal sense of the word. The seller is only liable if the auction item is considerably more worn than one might expect given the age, mileage, field of use, description and more.

Keep in mind that information on the Internet about the auction items are designed to be accessible and easy to read. Bilweb Auctions tests are focusing on things that are important for a collector such as quality, background, original status and overall technical function while normal wear, with respect to age, is described in general terms.

Note: Collectors cars are valuated and described differently compared to utility vehicles.

In the case a buyer delays in payment?

If you don't pay within the specified time specified in the winning bid mail the right to buy the item expire. The object will then be offered to other bidders or to be sold at a later date. If you are the highest bidder and don't complete the purchase in time you will still be charged the buyer's fee. The applicable buyer's fee is shown for each auction item in the object view on the website.

In the case a buyer delays in collection?

For auction items that have not been collected pursuant to specified terms in winning bid mail, Bilweb Auctions owns the right to take one of the following actions:

  • Allow transporting the item to the buyer at the buyer's expense.
  • Cancel the purchase

What should foreign buyers, within and outside the EU, take into account?

When the auction items will go for export to overseas buyers apply separate terms and conditions, see the Export conditions

Any further questions please send mail to our customer service:


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