Bilweb Auctions auction conditions 2024

Auction and Membership Conditions

1. Introduction and Background

These auction and membership conditions ("the Conditions") apply to the business relationship between you as a private individual, or as a company or other legal entity ("Customer"/"you"), and Bilweb Auctions AB, (hereinafter referred to as Bilweb Auctions or BWA), company registration number 559095 - 4540. By accepting the Conditions, you, or the company or other legal entity you represent, become a registered member of Bilweb Auctions.

These Conditions apply to the Customer's membership (of Bilweb Auctions), to the use of the Bilweb Auctions website (and and related pages ("the Website"), and to the services, such as bidding opportunities, provided by Bilweb Auctions on the Website ("the Services"). If the Customer does not agree to be bound by these Conditions, the Customer cannot use or access the Services. If a Customer chooses to exercise his/her right to purchase an auction item after a completed and successful public auction at the auction venue or on the Website, this purchase is always made on site at Bilweb Auctions. The rules of the Consumer Sales Act apply to such purchases made by private individuals. For companies and other legal entities, the Sale of Goods Act applies.

By accepting the Conditions, the Customer and their representatives undertake to comply with the Conditions, and acknowledge that they have read the information on personal data, and consent to the use of cookies in accordance with Bilweb Auctions' Privacy Policy. The Conditions, Bilweb Auctions' Privacy Policy and the information provided by Bilweb Auctions on the Website constitute the entire agreement between the Customer and Bilweb Auctions concerning the use of the Website and the Services.

2. Bilweb Auctions' Role and Clients

Bilweb Auctions staff have more than 30 years of experience in selling vehicles and other property at auctions. Bidding is done online on the Website. Bilweb Auctions evaluate, manage and sell property as an agent in the client's name and on behalf of the client, mainly for car-collecting individuals and companies, but also for finance and insurance companies, car dealerships, bankruptcy administrators and authorities. Like any other auction company, Bilweb Auctions' role is to act as an agent, for a commission, in another party’s name, on another party’s behalf and in the capacity of a broker, in the disposal of property from the individuals and companies and others ("clients") who commission Bilweb Auctions to sell vehicles and other property to buyers. Bilweb Auctions never sell on their own account.

3. Registration

The Customer registers to use the Services by completing the registration form on the Website. If a company or other legal entity is registered as a Customer, a natural person authorised to bind the company to the Conditions is also required to be the contact person.

Registering as a Customer on the website is free of charge. After filling in their details on the website, the Customer receives a user account. An activation code is sent to the Customer via SMS. If the Customer needs help with the registration, they are referred to Bilweb Auction's customer service. The Customer shall provide accurate personal and contact details, and keep this information up to date. The Customer is responsible for incorrectly filled in data. Information on Bilweb Auctions' personal data processing can be found in Bilweb Auctions' Privacy Policy, which forms an integral part of these Conditions.

The Website is not accessible to and may not be used by persons under the age of 18 or who for any other reason have limited legal capacity, or by Customers of Bilweb Auctions who have been temporarily or permanently suspended. Bilweb Auctions reserves the right to exercise discretion.

The Customer is responsible for all actions taken under the login of the Customer's name and password. The Customer is only entitled to use the Service by using an email address and password. The Customer shall make every effort to ensure that the password is kept secret and is not made known to third parties. Nor may the Customer allow third parties, directly or indirectly, to use their email address or password. The password must be changed immediately if there are reasons to suspect that the information has been disclosed or otherwise misused. The Customer shall also immediately notify Bilweb Auctions if it is suspected that an unauthorised person is aware of the Customer's password.

It is forbidden to participate in bidding for one's own submitted items, and to manipulate the bidding through agents or in any other way.

If Bilweb Auctions suspect that the Customer misuses his/her user account or login details, or is otherwise in breach of the Conditions, Bilweb Auctions has the right to suspend the Customer. Bilweb Auctions also has the right to assign new login details to the Customer for any reason.

Bilweb Auction are not liable for losses caused by the unauthorised use of a Customer's login details or user account.

4. The Auctions, Bidding, Condition, Repurchase and Bidding Fee

The auction items are put up for sale through online public auction via the Website or on-site auction. Bilweb Auctions' templates and systems are always used for tests and descriptions of auction items, which always comply with the Conditions as applicable. All auction items are sold as is, and the Customer must personally examine and check the condition of the item when viewing it or, at the latest, before completing the purchase, on site (auction venue) after the bidding has ended. The description and images provide a simplified guide to the condition of the auction item, to allow for easy bidding. The buyer must check all details and functions at the auction venue before deciding to purchase and collecting the item.

The winning bidder deposits the bid amount and the bidding fee (if the reserve price is reached) onto Bilweb Auction's client funds account after the end of the bidding. He/she shall then attend the auction venue to inspect and assess the condition of the object of sale, and then make his/her purchase decision. Should the condition of the item, after inspection, not correspond to what the Customer could have expected (taking the description, age and assessed general condition into account), he/she shall choose to decline to purchase before the item is loaded and transported from the auction venue. In such case the deposited bid amount and fee will be refunded in full.

If the Customer chooses to accept and approve the condition of the item after inspection, a purchase decision is made, a binding purchase agreement is signed, and delivery can be made. Once this agreement is signed and delivery is made, claims relating to the condition of the auction item cannot be accepted. We therefore urge buyers to check the items carefully before collection/delivery.

Bilweb Auctions are not liable for damage or defects that can or should have been identified during examination and inspection, or that appear in the item description. Bilweb Auctions cannot guarantee the accuracy of all details and facts in the descriptions of the items (as they are often based on information received). The Customer must therefore inspect the item and check the accompanying information by no later than the time of collection/delivery. Bilweb Auctions are not responsible for historical information about the items (history, previous owners, etc.) as this is often difficult to verify and confirm. Such information is provided for the sake of interest, and is not guaranteed.

Repurchase conditions: If significant defects are discovered after the sale has been completed, Bilweb Auctions and its clients have the right to repurchase the item. In the event of repurchase, only the buyer's transportation costs are reimbursed, in addition to the purchase price and the bidding fee. If significant faults are discovered during the sale, Bilweb Auctions have the right to cancel the sale, and will not be held liable for any of the buyer’s costs.

4.1 Online Auction and Other Ways of Participating.

Bilweb Auctions’ online auctions are held continuously on the Website. The following conditions apply to bidding via the website /

Bidding on the Website is completely open and can be followed by everyone. In order to bid, the Customer must first register as a member under these Conditions. A Customer who wishes to participate in a bidding process on the Website may participate if he/she meets the Conditions and undertakes to comply with the rules and instructions of Bilweb Auctions. It is not allowed to participate in bidding on the Website for one’s own submitted items, or to manipulate a bidding in any way, for example, through an agent. A person who makes a bid on behalf of another person assumes full responsibility for the completion of the purchase in the same way as a person who makes a bid and participates in an auction on his own behalf. Bilweb Auctions reserve the right to remove auction items, also from the Website, during the bidding process (and to terminate or postpone the auction).

A Customer can log in and place a bid in an auction on the Website at any time before the auction closes. It costs nothing for a Customer to place a bid.

N.B.! If you as a Customer win a bid (as the highest bidder with the reserve price achieved), you undertake to pay the bidding fee and deposit the purchase price with Bilweb Auctions, and then come to the auction venue to make your purchase decision after inspecting and approving the item’s condition (taking account of the description).

If, during the inspection, the Customer finds that the item does not correspond to significant parts of the description and general condition, the deposited purchase price and the bidding fee will be refunded. If the winning Customer chooses not to attend the auction venue, or instruct a representative to attend, to inspect the item, Bilweb Auctions are entitled to debit the bidding fee and then resell/sell the item to another bidder/customer.

A Customer wishing to place a bid shall follow the instructions on the Website. If a Customer wishes to withdraw a placed bid, he/she is required to notify Bilweb Auctions by email no later than six hours before the start of the countdown for the auction. It is not possible to withdraw bids placed later than six hours before the auction countdown starts.

For each item that is a subject for an auction ("auction item"), there is a specified time when the auction countdown starts. If a new bid is placed within one minute of this time, the auction continues and the auction time is extended by another minute. If the bidding stops for one minute, the auction is closed. The close of the auction is therefore variable, and the exact time cannot be predicted. Several auctions may therefore be closed simultaneously/in parallel. Information on ongoing auctions, together with provisional closing dates (and countdown end times) can be found on the Website.

A Customer who wins the bidding shall pay a bidding fee for the auction item in the amount indicated on the Website, in accordance with these Conditions. The bidding fee may vary in size, depending on the type of auction item. A Customer is obliged to pay the bidding fee even if he/she does not complete the purchase for any reason. (The exception to this is if the Customer, when inspecting the item on site, finds that the item does not correspond to significant parts of the description. In this case, the bidding fee and deposited purchase amount will be refunded).

The applicable bidding fees are shown for each auction item in the bidding tab on the Website. Payment of the bidding fee is made n accordance with Section 6 below. The purchase agreement for the auction item is always signed (it is finalised after inspection of the item) on site at Bilweb Auctions' auction venues. The payment of the bidding fee is therefore not to be understood as a binding purchase of the auction item. The sum is only deposited on the client's account.

N.B.! You can also participate in the auctions in person on site (without using data communication), at our auction office in Gothenburg, and at other auction venues (after notification and appointment). In such case, call customer service on tel. 031-933331, to get the auction time and place confirmed before you arrive.

5. Reserve Price and Description of Collectors' Vehicles

There is usually a minimum price for auction items at which the client is willing to sell the item (the "Reserve Price"). The reserve price is set in consultation with Bilweb Auctions' experts, and is as marketable as possible, so that the item can be sold. If the reserve price is not reached during the auction, the item may still be sold if an agreement is reached after negotiation. Bilweb Auctions advise the Customer to take the condition described in words and pictures and the estimated market value into consideration in bidding for an auction item, given that the item is sold in its existing condition.

N.B.! Vintage, enthusiast and collector vehicles are described with a focus on the status of the item from a collector's perspective, such as whether the car is in its original condition, restored, repainted, rebuilt, etc. Collector cars are only used to a limited extent, and often remain unused for long periods. For this reason, vintage and collectors' vehicles are not declared in the same way as utility vehicles (see Consumer Agency guidelines KOVFS 2002:1). In exceptional cases, the item description may be changed during the auction as new information becomes available. In cases where it is deemed essential to the value, Bilweb Auctions may remove items from the auction, and auction them at a later date with an updated item description.

N.B.! The description of collectors' vehicles and vintage vehicles is intended to provide a good general description, to be used as a basis for a collector value, and not for the vehicle’s value as a utility vehicle.

6. Auction Closure, Payment, etc.

The highest placed bid wins. If an auction ends with two equal bids, the first bid received by the Service wins. In the event of a dispute concerning the bidding, Bilweb Auctions have the sole and final decision on which bid takes precedence. If the reserve price has not been reached, the client reserves the right to ask the highest bidder to raise his/her bid to the reserve price, or to put the auction item up for sale again without prior contact with the winning Customer. A third option is to accept the highest bid. In many cases, this means that negotiations are held, and the Customer is usually informed within 24 hours (provided the Customer is reachable). If the reserve price is reached (in which case "Yes" appears under the item view on the website), the Customer (the highest bidder) has the right (option) to buy the auction item at the agreed price (after the Customer has inspected, approved and made a purchase decision on the item at the auction venue).

A Customer who wins the bidding must deposit the bidding fee for the auctioned item within 24 hours, in the amount indicated on the Website and in the email (payment form) sent after the auction has closed. The auction sum must be paid to Bilweb Auction's client funds account within five working days, (and the sum must always be received on the account before the item is accepted and collected/delivered. If the Customer does not pay within five days of the close of the auction, this constitutes a material breach of agreement, after which Bilweb Auctions are entitled to demand payment, as specified in the terms of purchase, and penalty interest (as specified in the Interest Act), and/or cancel the purchase in accordance with the Consumer Sales Act/Sale of Goods Act.

After the auction, Bilweb Auctions contact the winning bidder by email (win mail) or phone to confirm the bid. At the same time, Bilweb Auctions and the highest bidder agree on the date of delivery and conclusion of a purchase agreement (normally stated in the win mail). Collection must be made no later than 14 days after the auction day, after which a garage fee of SEK 100 per day will be charged. The Customer and Bilweb Auctions (or the client) sign a binding purchase agreement at the auction venue (on Bilweb Auctions’ premises) after the auction. The applicable terms of purchase will be sent to the Customer by email after the auction, upon conclusion of the purchase contract after the on-site inspection.

N.B.! Winning a bid does not imply final acceptance by Bilweb Auctions or a client of the Customer's offer to purchase an auction item. Final acceptance is only made upon conclusion of the purchase agreement on site at Bilweb Auctions or at the auction venue (on the client's premises after the auction). The terms of purchase are available on the Website.

The winning bidder is obliged to monitor his/her phone and email after the auction closes. In the event that Bilweb Auctions is unable to contact the winning bidder by the working day immediately following the auction despite repeated attempts, Bilweb Auctions are entitled to debit the bidding fee and offer the auction item to other bidders, unless otherwise stated.

7. Consumer Right of Withdrawal, Claims and Repurchase

For consumers: Under current consumer legislation, consumers have a right of withdrawal of fourteen (14) days from the day an a contract for a service is concluded. However, this right does not apply in cases where the contract relates to a completed service where the consumer has consented to the commencement of the service and agreed that there is no right of withdrawal once the service has been completed.

Logging in to the Website starts the withdrawal period. By using one of Bilweb Auctions' Services, such as placing a bid in an auction, the consumer completes the Service. By using the Service and accepting these Conditions, the Customer consents that there is no right of withdrawal once the Service has been completed.

If the Customer wishes to exercise the right of withdrawal before starting to use the Service, the Customer should contact Bilweb Auctions using the contact details provided on the Website.

For consumers and companies: According to Bilweb Auctions' business model, the winning bidder has a right (an option) to buy the auction item if the reserve price is reached. After approval of the auction item, the Customer and Bilweb Auctions (or the client) sign a binding purchase agreement on Bilweb Auctions' business premises. The transaction is therefore always carried out on site at Bilweb Auctions' place of business (which can also be the seller's warehouse, where the item is stored). If the buyer does not want to inspect the item on site after the auction has closed, a bidding fee will be charged, but the buyer is not obliged to complete the deal, and Bilweb Auctions may choose to sell the item to someone else, or put it up for re-auction.

N.B.! Consumers must always come to Bilweb Auctions' specified places of business (auction venue/storage location) to sign a binding purchase agreement as described above.

N.B.! Companies may choose to make a final payment and order collection/delivery remotely. In such cases, however, a delivery approval must be signed by the signatory or authorised representative before the sales item leaves the point of sale. All items are sold in their existing condition, as they are found at the auction venue. Acceptance of an auction item is not possible, therefore, when it reaches the buyer, or anywhere else. Claims from companies are not accepted once the item has left Bilweb Auctions' point of sale (auction venue).

Claims and repurchase; In the event of significant faults, Bilweb Auctions reserve the right to repurchase the sales item or, alternatively, not complete the sale. (In these cases, reimbursement is paid for the buyer’s transportation costs and travel expenses only, up to a maximum of SEK 2,000, upon presentation of receipts).

8. Suspension

If a Customer breaches the provisions of these Conditions or if Bilweb Auctions have reason to suspect that a Customer is in breach of these provisions, Bilweb Auctions may, at their sole discretion and without giving prior notice to the Customer; (i) terminate the Customer's user account, and/or (ii) restrict the Customer's right to use the Website by preventing login, and/or (iii) make access to the Website impossible.

9. Printing and Typing Errors and Technical Problems

Bilweb Auctions cannot be held liable for printing and typing errors on the Website. Nor can Bilweb Auctions guarantee that all images accurately reflect the actual appearance of the auction items. A buyer must examine the purchase item, and compare it with the description before collection/delivery.

Bilweb Auctions have the right to refuse to sell, disregard bids from certain bidders, and decide whether the bidding should be repeated for reasons of lack of clarity regarding the last bid, technical problems, typing errors, or other reasons. In the event of technical problems and failures on the Website, as a result of which fair bidding cannot be carried out, Bilweb Auctions reserve the right to unilaterally decide that the auction should be suspended and resumed at a later date. In such case, current bidders will be notified by email/phone.

Unfortunately, Bilweb Auctions cannot guarantee that the Website will operate without fault or disruption. Nor is there any guarantee that faults will be rectified, or that the Website or the servers that make the Website available will be free of harmful components. Bilweb Auctions are not liable for any damage, loss or consequential damage that may be incurred by the Customer or client as a result of technical faults, communication problems or similar issues.

The Website may be affected by disruptions as described above. Bilweb Auctions reserve the right to defer the date and time of the close of the auction following unexpected operational disruptions, including, but not limited to, faults in the Internet connection to the server, data breaches or service interruptions experienced by the supplier. Bilweb Auctions are not liable for any overloading of the Website and its consequences. Bilweb Auctions cannot be held responsible, therefore, if a bid is not registered, contact is not established after the bidding, the wrong bidder is contacted, or if auction items are sold to someone other than the highest bidder. Furthermore, Bilweb Auctions cannot be held liable for errors or damage resulting from incorrect or unauthorised use of the user account or password.

Nor are Bilweb Auctions liable for any damage, loss or consequential damage the Customer or the client may incur as a result of the fact that the reservation price noted in Bilweb Auctions' internal system is incorrect or has not been approved by the client, and, as a consequence, the sale is withdrawn or suspended or the auction has to be repeated.

The above does not apply, however, in cases of gross negligence or intent. This disclaimer does not limit Bilweb Auctions' liability under mandatory legislation.

10. Specific Limitation of Liability

The provisions of this Section 10 apply to traders and consumers in the extent that the section can be deemed to comply with applicable law. Force majeure: Bilweb Auctions are not liable for loss incurred by the Customer if Bilweb Auctions have not been able to fulfil their obligations under the Conditions owing to an act of war, labour disputes, government action, fire or other circumstances or accidents that Bilweb Auctions have not been able to control or foresee.

Bilweb Auctions are not responsible for any direct or indirect damage that may be incurred by a Customer. This limitation does not apply, however, in cases of gross negligence or intent. Furthermore, Bilweb Auctions' liability is limited in all circumstances to a sum equivalent to what the Customer has paid or should have paid for the Services provided by Bilweb Auctions.

11. Notifications

Notifications from Bilweb Auctions to the Customer are sent to the email address registered on the Website. Notifications from the Customer to Bilweb Auctions shall be sent in the manner indicated on the Website. Notifications on the Website are deemed to have been given to the Customer as soon as they are made available.

Notifications sent by email are deemed to have been delivered to the other party immediately after transmission. Notifications sent by ordinary post are deemed to have been received by the other party three (3) days after posting.

12. Duration of the Agreement

These Conditions enter into force once the Customer has registered on the Website, and remain valid until further notice. A Customer who has been suspended from the Website as a result of a breach of the Conditions is not entitled to re-register or use the Website or Services via another Customer's login without Bilweb Auctions' prior written consent. Bilweb Auctions have the right to decide, at their sole discretion, to cease the provision of the Website and Services or any part thereof.

The Customer has the right to terminate his-her membership of Bilweb Auctions at any time. In the event of termination, the Conditions continue to apply to actions, such as bidding, that the Customer has carried out before termination.

13. Intellectual Property Rights

The Website and the Services, their content and all intellectual property rights protecting them are owned by Bilweb Auctions. The Website and its contents are protected by copyright and database protection (directory protection). The unauthorised use or copying of all or part of the Website and Services may constitute an unauthorised intellectual property infringement, and result in a claim for damages.

Bilweb Auctions and related logos and word marks are trade marks of Bilweb Auctions. Trade marks may only be used with Bilweb Auctions' written approval and only in accordance with Bilweb Auctions' instructions.

14. Transfer

Bilweb Auctions is entitled to transfer the agreement between Bilweb Auctions and the Customer, as governed by these Conditions, including, but not limited to, all or part of the related rights and/or obligations, to a third party. In the event of transfer, Bilweb Auctions will inform who has taken over the Conditions, rights and/or obligations after the transfer by posting a notice on the Website or by email notification. If Bilweb Auctions transfer the Conditions to a third party, the third party is entitled to provide the same or similar services on another website. A Customer may not transfer his/her rights and obligations under the Conditions to a third party.

15. Changes in the Conditions

Bilweb Auctions may amend the Conditions, Services and prices therefor, as well as the content of the Website from time to time. Where substantial changes are made to these Conditions, the Customer will be informed before logging onto the Website. This does not apply, however, if the change is due to amendments to the law, regulations or decisions made by public authorities, and the change must take effect immediately.

Unless Bilweb Auctions and the Customer have agreed otherwise, changes will come into effect immediately after they have been implemented and appear on the Website. If the Customer does not wish to accept the changes to the Conditions or Services, including price changes, he/she has the right to terminate the agreement on access to the Website with immediate effect. The Customer will no longer be able to log in and use the Services, and membership will be terminated. This termination shall take effect before the Customer uses the Website after the change. Bilweb Auctions recommend that the Customer regularly checks the Website to be aware of any changes to the Conditions.

16. Additional Services: Financing, Insurance, Transportation, etc.

Bilweb Auctions provide a number of additional services. Further information is available on the Website under the tab "other services and offers", and in the information on each auction item. These additional services are the full responsibility of the respective providers, and the customer contracts with the provider separately. Bilweb Auctions only provide information about these services. Bilweb Auctions cannot therefore be responsible for the content of this information and the respective provider's implementation and compliance with applicable legislation, or their commitments in general.

17. Applicable Law and Disputes

Any dispute concerning the interpretation or application of these Conditions and the Website in general shall be interpreted in accordance with Swedish law, and resolved by negotiation between the parties in the first instance. If the parties do not reach an agreement, the dispute shall be settled by the Swedish court where Bilweb Auctions AB has its registered office.

These Conditions have been drawn up by Bilweb auctions AB, and shall apply from 1 January 2017 until further notice.

Privacy and Security Policy

Personal Data

Bilweb Auctions care about your privacy, and strive to protect your personal data in the best possible way at all times. It is Bilweb Auctions' goal to comply with all applicable laws and regulations for personal data protection. This policy helps you understand, among other things, what kind of information Bilweb Auctions collect, and how it is used. By agreeing to this policy (the "Privacy Policy") on the Website when completing an expression of interest, registering membership or submitting information on Bilweb Auctions' website you consent to the processing of your personal data in accordance with the following.

Personal Data Handling Principles for Bilweb Auctions Websites - What Personal Data is Collected?

We will process the personal data that you provide or have provided to us, or that we have collected on the Website through cookies, for the purpose of managing your membership, preparing and managing an online auction or other Service you order, in order to fulfil our obligations to you as a member. The personal data that Bilweb Auctions process is your name, personal identification number, email address, address, payment and bidding history, purchased items, payment and credit card numbers, information about your vehicle ownership from the car register, IP address and telephone number.

  • Bilweb Auctions also collect and analyse, among other things, the following information about visitors to BA's Websites:
  • Web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.)
  • Visitors from smart phones, tablets and computers
  • Operating systems (Windows, IOS, etc.)
  • Visited pages

When any of BA's Websites ( (or .com)), are visited, IP addresses are automatically registered to measure the frequency of visits.

Purpose of the Personal Data Processing

Personal data may be used for identification, direct marketing, market and customer surveys, business follow-up, business and methodology development, newsletters, and for statistical purposes and risk management. Personal data may also be used to provide information to the Swedish Tax Agency, based on EU rules (from January 2023), on the platform economy, known as DAC 7. This means that the tax agency may ask platform operators to provide information on sellers and items of sale. Personal data may also be used for mailings, text messages and emails, as well as for marketing and information by telephone, unless you object to this. You can contact us at any time to stop marketing directed to you as a member.

The data may also be used to analyse bidding habits in order to provide you with relevant information and marketing, and to improve the Website and our Services. Processing for the purpose of improving our Services may include processing where your personal data, including your personal identification number, is transferred to other companies within the Bilweb Group and other companies that the Group cooperates with for its activities, within the framework of applicable confidentiality provisions. Personal data may also be combined with data from other registers, such as credit information registers.

Your personal identification number will also be processed in connection with a purchase on behalf of (or as required by) payment and credit companies that need it for credit reporting purposes.

The use of the personal data may involve pooling with other registers within the EU, and your personal data may be transferred to, and processed by, other companies within the Bilweb Group for the afore-mentioned purposes in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Personal data may also be linked or shared with authorities, subcontractors or our partners, for printing and distribution, for example, as well as payment intermediaries and credit companies for payment or credit checks. Bilweb Auctions always take the utmost care on such occasions. In addition, we may use services provided by other subcontractors that comply with applicable European data protection rules, such as customer service support and market research.

Bilweb Auctions store web statistics to secure the technical functionality and use of the network. BA also use the statistics to gain insight into the user experience of web visitors and to develop our Website. Bilweb Auctions use web statistics to improve our Services and knowledge of the needs of our Customers and web visitors. The data is used to develop the Service and Services within the framework of Bilweb Auctions' activities.

We will not sell, hire, transfer, share or otherwise grant any third party access to your personal data except as described in this Privacy Policy.

How long is the data kept?

If you have agreed to be a registered member of Bilweb Auctions, your data will be kept until you unsubscribe. You can unsubscribe as a member at any time. If you do not register as a member, your data is stored for as long as it is necessary to meet legal requirements, or to fulfil Bilweb Auctions' obligations to you in the individual case.

In any event, your data is never stored for longer than is allowed under current personal data legislation.

Updating, correcting and accessing personal data

Under current personal data legislation, you have the right to be informed of the personal data processed about you once per calendar year, free of charge, regardless of how the data was collected. If you would like this information, please submit a written request to us. The request should be signed by you and sent by post to the address below, in accordance with the applicable personal data legislation. It cannot be sent by email.

This is also the address you should use to request the correction of incorrect or misleading information.

  • Bilweb Auctions AB
  • Backa Bergögata 8
  • 422 46 Hisings Backa

Bilweb Auctions want to ensure that your personal data is accurate and up to date. If any of the information you have provided changes, for example if you change your email address, address, name or payment details, or if you wish to terminate your user account, please provide the correct information by sending an email to Bilweb Auctions. You have the right to request the rectification, blocking or deletion of your personal data at any time.

Your personal data will not be processed for direct marketing purposes if you object to such processing. You have the right to withdraw your consent to the processing of personal data at any time. This withdrawal can be limited to only part of the processing, such as that relating to direct marketing.

Technical and organisational security measures

To keep the personal data we process safe, we have implemented several security measures: We have implemented security procedures and technical and organisational measures to protect your personal data, such as two-factor login, whereby passwords are sent via SMS and are encrypted, and encryption of data. Furthermore, we have appropriate firewalls and antivirus software to protect and prevent unauthorised access to the network. Access to the areas where personal data is stored is restricted and requires employees to be identified for access.


Bilweb Auctions' Websites may contain links to other websites. This Privacy Policy applies to Bilweb Auctions' Websites only. When you are linked to another website, you should read the privacy policy for that site. Bilweb Auctions are not responsible for the processing of your personal data by other websites.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Bilweb Auctions reserve the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy at any time where the changes are necessary to remedy disruptions or meet new legal or technical requirements. Any changes to this Privacy Policy will be published on the Bilweb Auctions Website.


Bilweb Auctions' Websites use cookies to collect information automatically. A cookie is a small text file that the browser saves on the web visitor's computer. The text file contains information that is used, for example, to facilitate the visitor's use of the website.

There are two main types of cookies: 1) a permanent cookie remains on the visitor's computer for a fixed period of time. 2) a session cookie is temporarily stored in the computer's memory while a visitor is on a website. Session cookies disappear when you close your browser.

Bilweb Auctions use cookies to improve the Website for the visitor, e.g. by (a) customising the Website according to the visitor's wishes, choices and interests, (b) helping you keep track of your bids, (c) managing your bids, (d) ensuring that the visitor has logged in to Bilweb Auctions' Website and thereby avoiding logging in on each new page he visits and (e) customising our Services so that you receive advertising that is relevant to you.

If you do not want to accept cookies, you can change the settings in your browser. Please note that if you do not disable cookies, Bilweb Auctions assume that you accept their use.

Permanent cookies are used, among other things, to store your personal settings with Bilweb Auctions so that, for example, you do not have to make certain choices every time you visit Bilweb Auctions' Website, and to customise and make information and marketing as relevant as possible for you. Session cookies are used, among other things, to record statistics on the use of the Bilweb Auctions Website.

By accepting Bilweb Auctions' Auction Conditions and/or this Privacy Policy and using the Bilweb Auctions Website, you consent to the processing of cookies as described here. If you do not accept the use of cookies, you can disable cookies in your browser's security settings.

You can also set your browser to prompt you every time the Bilweb Auctions Website tries to place a cookie on your computer. The browser can also delete previously stored cookies, see the browser's help pages for more information or click on this link: Turn off Cookies. Furthermore, you can manually delete cookies from your hard drive at any time.

Further information

Please contact Bilweb Auctions at the following email address if you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or Bilweb Auctions' use of your personal data:

  • Direct advertising
  • Don't want to receive direct mail from Bilweb Auctions?
  • Unsubscribe here:

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