Selling vehicles

Bilweb Auctions AB is a market place specializing in Swedish and international sales of collectible cars, vintage cars, enthusiasts, hobby cars and sports cars. Our ambition is that the sales process and handling should be as simple, clear and efficient as possible. The key to successful sales is a professional presentation of the vehicle to local and international markets. High quality photographs, detailed descriptions in both Swedish and English, market valuation and export management are important components for achieving the best results. Here you can read more about what we offer you, how to evaluate your vehicle and how to sell through Bilweb Auctions.

Interested in registering your Vehicle?

You can submit your vehicle details by filling in our form "interest application" and providing information about your car. Our experts/valuers will then contact you and discuss an estimate of the value and describe our sales process.

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Expressing interest in registering your vehicle is free and not binding. The auction market place is primarily intended for the following categories:

  • Vehicles should be older than 25 years and have a collectible value
  • Normally owned by the submitter for a long time

If you have several cars, a collection or other questions, you can contact us directly by phone or email, see below.

Johan Ålander, Coordinator valuations
Phone: +46(0)705-80 91 17

Michael Luft, Responsible for museums and collectors
Phone: +46(0)708-20 21 13

Customer support
Phone: +46(0)31-93 33 31


After you have submitted images, and a description of your vehicles features and condition. We will make a preliminary valuation of your vehicle. If our specialist assessment is in line with your expectations of the sales value (and reserve price) and you have approved Bilweb Auctions terms of sale, the vehicle will be booked in to upcoming auctions. Then we will agree on the appropriate time and place of delivery or collection of the vehicle.

Acceptance of reservation price and auction

  1. When the car has been tested and inspected in some cases the reserve price may need to be adjusted, if the vehicle deviates from the expected condition and standard. The reserve price has to be approved by the seller.
  2. The vehicle will be posted online no later than two weeks before the auction date. During the bidding period, we market you vehicle internationally and in Sweden. We organize viewing dates for registered bidder and answer the bidders question on your behalf.
  3. When the auction closes. We end the sale with the winning bid if the reserve price is reached. If it is not achieved, we contact the highest bidders and discuss the bids after the auction. Most vehicles are sold via online bidding.

Payment and accounting

Upon completion of the auction, the buyer is contacted and payment and collections time are agreed. We offer financing to buyers and after the credit approval process is approved the fund will be transferred. If the vehicle has outstanding credit, the sales allowance after deduction of the Commission will be paid to the bank/finance company that has security in the vehicle with the amount corresponding to the current outstanding credit amount including interest. The remaining amount will be paid to the bank account you have entered.

Sales Conditions
  • The seller pays 1500 SEK excl. VAT (1875 SEK incl. VAT) in the setup fee and on sale 10% excl. VAT (12.5% ​​incl VAT) of received sales price in commission (however not less than 5900 SEK excl VAT).

Tack för visat intresse, du kommer nu få nyheter och information om kommande auktioner.