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Bilweb Auctions, Sweden's largest sales channel for collectible cars!

Welcome to our professional Classic Car Auctions hosted by Car Enthusiasts for car Enthusiasts.

  • Bilweb is one of Sweden's largest and oldest auto sales sites. We who work at Bilweb have always been interested in collectible cars, sports cars and vintage cars. We have seen that the interest in owning collectible cars is increasing strongly in Sweden and in our neighboring countries.
  • For this reason, Bilweb has created Bilweb Auctions, an auction concept for collectible cars, with the ambition to be the best market place for those who want to sell or buy collectible cars.
  • Bilweb Auctions is a auction site specially designed to market and sell collectible cars. All cars are described professionally after they are assessed by authorized valuers. Bidding is done online and the descriptions are both in Swedish and English.
  • Upon completion of your winning bid, Bilweb Auctions handles everything from payment to delivery
  • Everything is organized to provide both sellers and buyers with comprehensive service. We have created a safe and professional platform to make your next car purchase. We believe this is particularly important, buy a collectible car should be fun and cars are bought and owned for pleasure.

Auction Calendar:

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Welcome to our auction and your new car

Contact personnel:
Michael Luft, Valuer, tel: 0708-202113, michael@bilwebauctions.se
Jan Byström, Valuer tel: 0705-103130, jan@bilwebauctions.se
Krister Cervin, Valuer, tel: 0703-286636, krister@bilwebauctions.se
Jens Hasselholm, Customer Service , tel: 031 - 933 331, info@bilwebauctions.se

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