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MG TF Midget 1250 — 1954

A charming English classic in excellent condition, embodying many of the features we associate with such classics. It's the final model of MG's Midget T-series, carrying a distinct heritage from 1930s automotive design well into the 1950s.

Peter Sundfeldt
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Rebecca R Bengtsson
Case manager
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"The brand's stylish farewell to its typical design elements, featuring exposed fenders, truncated rear-hinged doors, an upright grille, large spoke wheels, a split hood, and a body mounted on a frame."

215 000SEK
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Peter Sundfeldt
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Rebecca R Bengtsson
Case manager
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"The brand's stylish farewell to its typical design elements, featuring exposed fenders, truncated rear-hinged doors, an upright grille, large spoke wheels, a split hood, and a body mounted on a frame."


It was imported to Sweden from California in 1989 and has had the same owner ever since. During transportation, the convertible top was stolen, and the new owner drove the car without a top for the first few years at their country estate on the Bjäre Peninsula. Naturally, it was only driven in good weather and earned the nickname 'the beach car.'

In 1993, they relocated to Switzerland, and the car went with them, receiving Swiss registration. Subsequently, it underwent a thorough overhaul at a classic car workshop in Geneva. During this process, it received a new convertible top, a metric speedometer, and a comprehensive check of all chassis components, among other things. In Lausanne and around Lake Geneva, the spring arrives early, and the autumn lingers, allowing the TF to be enjoyed more often than in Sweden. Furthermore, there was a nearby workshop near their home in Lausanne that specialized in English classic cars, caring for and servicing it every spring.

In 2012, they returned home to Sweden, and the MG TF acquired a new Swedish identity, which is its current one. Various selected mechanics and workshops in northwestern Skåne were entrusted with its care, including Rolfsson Bil and a smaller facility in Östra Ljungby. After 34 wonderful years with a stylish 1954 MG TF, it is now time for a new owner to take over its care.

Technical data

  • Year
  • Registration date
  • Mileage
    64 758 km 
  • Kw / hp
    42 / 57 
  • Fuel Type
  • Transmission
  • Interior finish
  • Colour


  • Mechanical condition:

    A fine machine under the hood and in the gearbox, delivering a great road feel through its chassis and brakes. It starts easily, sounds right, and is relatively easy to drive. Just a little extra attention required for the unsynchronized 1st gear, that's all. And the fact that Lucas was an early adopter of a 12-volt system is a significant advantage, regardless of what you may have heard about the 'inventor of darkness' and other prejudices.

  • Interior condition:

    Well-maintained and beautiful leather interior, complemented by exquisite door panels, carpets, steering wheel, and instrumentation. The speedometer was replaced early on with a metric one, and the odometer was adjusted to reflect the correct distance in kilometers, corresponding to the previous mileage in miles. The passenger seat needs to be securely fastened.

  • Exterior condition:

    The body underwent restoration and repainting sometime in the 1980s in the US, and it still maintains a high-quality finish. It looks sharp and elegant with a touch of patina, presenting a representative and presentable exterior. Sometime during its transportation and importation in 1989, the convertible top was stolen and a new one was installed a few years later. The owner has mostly driven with just the convertible top down, giving it a sort of cabrio-coach appearance with the side windows attached. During the documentation process, we removed the side windows, and the owner was reminded of how delightful it was to drive open in the sun without them.

  • General condition:

    Utterly irresistible British charm, impeccably preserved and endearingly maintained in a decidedly vintage 1950s form rooted in the 1930s. It's precisely in this time-honored blend that much of its allure resides.

MOT (tech. insp.)

Fordonsstatus: Itrafik 2013-04-20
Ursprungsbesiktning: 2012-09-19 (regbes)
Datum i trafik första gången: 2013-04-20 (540103)
Senast godkända besiktning: 2022-10-07
Besiktningsbefriad: Ja
Skattebefriad: Ja
Körförbud: Nej
Antal ägare: 1

Facts about the model

The MG T-Type was a series of open two-seater sports cars with body-on-frame construction, manufactured from 1936 to 1955. The series included the models MG TA, MG TB, MG TC, MG TD, and MG TF, all bearing the "Midget" name in their model designations. The final iteration, the MG TF, was succeeded by the MGA in the late 1950s, as the T-Series had been considered and indeed had become outdated by that time.

Location and viewing Information

Location: Förslöv

For viewing the vehicle, contact the valuator/depot:

Peter Sundfeldt
+46 0705-38 80 22

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