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Volvo PV 544 C B18 — 1962

A good and well-maintained Volvo 544 in a presentable condition with only two owners.

Nisse Brandt
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Ida Johansen
Case manager
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"The car runs well and does not need any immediate action except for the fact that the front tires are dry and cracked. With normal maintenance, you will have a great car for many years to come."

86 000SEK
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Nisse Brandt
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Ida Johansen
Case manager
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"The car runs well and does not need any immediate action except for the fact that the front tires are dry and cracked. With normal maintenance, you will have a great car for many years to come."


The current owner purchased the car in 1995 from the first owner who had owned the Volvo for 32 years. According to the mileage, the first owner used the car very sparingly during this time, with an average of approximately 157 miles per year. The current owner's first contact with this Volvo was when he saw it parked in a customer parking lot in town. He thought, "What a beautiful Volvo," and approached the car to admire it. Under the driver's side windshield wiper, there was a note that said, "What a beautiful car you have, if it ever goes up for sale, call me at phone number .............." and he agreed, it was indeed beautiful! By chance, he was later asked if he was interested in buying the car, and he did. At that time, it had just passed inspection and had only driven 5,033 miles. Since then, it has been stored in the garage for most of the 28 years he has owned it, and during those years, the owner has barely driven 1,000 miles. According to the current owner, the car has never been driven in the winter, and during the first owner's time, it was stored under a roof at Folkets Park in Södertälje. In recent years, the current owner has cleaned and refreshed the engine compartment, flushed the cooling system, and replaced hoses and the thermostat. The fuel system has also been addressed, with the tank, filter, and fuel lines being replaced. The Volvo has received a new battery, ignition cables, spark plugs, condenser, breaker points, and rotor. The exhaust system has a new muffler, and all gaskets from the exhaust manifold and backward are new. The brake system has been inspected and is functioning properly. A new sealing strip for the rear trunk has been installed. As a preventive measure following starting difficulties and the discovery of sediment in the fuel tank, the cylinder head was removed. It was cleaned, the valves were lapped, and new seals and gaskets were installed. The work was carried out by an authorized workshop, and now the engine runs smoothly as it should.

Technical data

  • Year
  • Registration date
  • Mileage
    6118 km 
  • Kw / hp
    55 / 75 
  • Fuel Type
  • Transmission
  • Interior finish
  • Colour
    Light Green 


  • Mechanical condition:

    The car is running well. The engine compartment is neat and tidy, and the drivetrain feels solid and reliable, as old B18 and B20 engines often are.

  • Interior condition:

    Seat covers seems to have been on since new, but there is a picture of how the driver's seat looks without these covers. The original upholstery appears to be in very good condition. There is a small hole in the seat cover on the left side of the driver's seat backrest. The dashboard has some cracks. The door seals are a little dry and cracked, but otherwise the interior is in good condition.

  • Exterior condition:

    Old repainting with spray filler bubbles and some touch-up paint is present. Rubber seals are a bit dry and cracked, see photos. Chrome parts are in a used condition. Tires have some dry cracks.

  • General condition:

    A very nice enthusiast car that is inspected for life and ready to drive.

MOT (tech. insp.)

Fordonsstatus: Itrafik 1995-10-26 (Konvert)
Ursprungsbesiktning: 1963-04-01 (typbes)
Datum i trafik första gången: 1963-04-01
Senast godkända besiktning: 2019-05-01
Besiktningsbefriad: Ja
Skattebefriad: Ja
Körförbud: Nej
Antal ägare: 2

Facts about the model

Volvo PV series was introduced in the mid-1940s and laid the foundation for Volvo's success in Europe and the USA.

In 1958, the 544 model was introduced with a one-piece windshield and new taillights, among other updates. The car maintained this appearance until production ceased in 1966 after nearly 20 years. In 1962, the excellent B18 engine was introduced, which many consider to be virtually indestructible. This engine was also used in the Amazon, P1800, and Volvo 140 models until 1969.

Location and viewing Information

Location: Enköping

For viewing the vehicle, contact the valuator/depot:

Nisse Brandt
+46 707 50 89 99

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Collection must take place before: 2023-06-08.

NOTE! Payment (deposit to our account) must be made within 5 days and before collection.

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