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Volkswagen Export Swedens oldest Beetle — 1948

One of the best restored Volkswagen from 1948 in the world with the rare early Export style. Only about 30 examples are still existing of this model around the world.

Michael Luft
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Frans Johansson
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"This Volkswagen has undertaken a bare metal and l 99% nut and bolt restoration. All replaced parts are NOS (New old stock) or good original parts, its the ultimate collectors car!"

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Michael Luft
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Frans Johansson
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"This Volkswagen has undertaken a bare metal and l 99% nut and bolt restoration. All replaced parts are NOS (New old stock) or good original parts, its the ultimate collectors car!"


One of the best restored Volkswagen from 1948 in the world with the rare early Export style. Only around 30 examples of this model still existing around the world.
This Volkswagen has undertaken a bare metal restoration and all the details are taken care down to bolt level. 99% of the replaced parts are NOS (New old stock) or good original parts. (Only the bumpers are repro) It is an excellent driver to enjoy every day. It is a show winner every time; it has won prices in most of the shows I have been to.
 History of the car
This Volkswagen is manufactured the 7th of December 1948, and it is one of total 55 cars manufactured 1948 that came to Sweden imported by the famous Scania Vabis. The Swedish Defense, the infantry in Kiruna (Town in the most northern part of Sweden) was the first owner. The military used it until 1956 and the car had a few owners before it was taken to a scrap yard in the west part of Sweden 1961 were the owner of the scrap yard used it for a while. It was then rescued 1975 from the scrap yard by a VW-enthusiast from Stockholm. In 1985 Another VW-enthusiast bought the 48´ and collected a few of the missing parts.
 1990 the current owner bought it. The 48´ was then unrestored and a few parts were missing but the original engine was still there and it was very complete with the correct air cleaner and other very hard to find parts. After six years of collecting the missing parts the owner could start the restoration of the Volkswagen in November 1997. The 30th of September 1998 it left the Swedish TUF without any remarks.
 The 48 has been parked in a famous Volkswagen museum in Sweden from 1998 until now. It has only been driven to a few meetings in Sweden and Germany during the years. Last time it was used where on a trip over the Grossglockner Alp route in 2012. Me and some friends with seven other old Volkswagens were celebrated our 50th birthday by this trip. It is a very nice driver, very silent and fast for being such an old vehicle, 1000 km drive in one day is not a problem. The condition of the 48 is still the same as it was after the restoration. 
Some history:
This model is very unique. It has a so called early Export style which means that Volkswagens delivered to foreign countries between 1947 and June 1949 are equipped with chromed handles, hubcaps, bumpers and headlight rims. These countries were Switzerland, Holland, Belgium and Sweden. The real export model with full aluminum trim, brown carpets, deluxe interior was not introduced until later in June 1949. The standard model of Volkswagen at that time was totally free from chrome. 1948 only 4500 cars of totally 20 000 manufactured Volkswagens were equipped with the early export equipment. During the year of 1949 there were lots of production changes of the details, which mean that this car from 1948 has more in common with the KDF model (Volkswagen manufactured between 1938 and 1945) then with Volkswagens from 1950. Almost all parts were redesigned during the year 1949. Lots of work has been done to restore this car into its former glory. The car was originally painted at the factory in Dunkelblau L32 Nitro paint which was a half mat paint. Now it is painted with two component paint with mat paste which is very similar to the original look. 

Engine: The Original engine with the correct number is still in the car and is professionally restored. Coil, distributor, and generator are stamped and dated 1948 (these parts were originally mounted on this engine). Original air cleaner is at hand. (Extremely rare and hard to find item). All moving parts of the motor are NOS (New old stock).  Flywheel, clutch, crankshaft, pistons and connecting rods are balanced both static and dynamic. NOS piston and cylinders. All tin ware of the engine are the originals, painted in the correct color. The old logo on the fan shroud (summer/ winter) is still the original. (It was covered during the painting). NOS original Eberspacher muffler with VW logo on the sides. Correct heater boxes were the heat flaps are mounted with real hinges. (Early feature, only up to mars -49) Carburetor and fuel pump are the correct and rare Huf brand, only used 1948-49. Correct early pulleys for the generator and crank shaft. NOS Continental fan belt. K-manifold is mounted. The engine is equipped with a very rare and early Motometer temp gauge.
Gearbox: Completely restored with new bearings which makes it very silent for being such an early VW. Correct rubber boots without seam. Mechanical brakes in perfect condition are at hand. NOS brake drums from 1948 and NOS correct brake wires without plastic cover makes the Volkswagen stops without vibration or uneven brake power. The gear box shifts perfectly.
Front axle: Original front axle with NOS early short shock absorbers. NOS brake drums and brake wires from 1948. Steering box NOS from 1948. Spindles are early with cog logos.
Chassis: Original chassis. Parts of the floor panels are replaced. The floor is the early flat KDF type. Recessed floor for the rear passengers came one month later. Original rare flat battery cover. (Only 1948 and earlier. KDF type). All brake wires are NOS. Gear shift knob is the original of the car with the cog logo. Original rubber floor mats. Chassis sandblasted and painted. All greasing points of the chassis are correctly marked with red paint. All bolts on the chassis have the correct brands as Kamax, Rasche and Knipping; they are also chromed in Black. Single action rear shock absorbers. Professionally rebuild by a company in Stockholm.

Interior: The seat covers are original cloth in very good condition. In front of the pedals there are still the early rubber mats with Pyramid pattern. Only used up until 1949. Headliner, wool mats on heater channels, left and right side front, wheel arcs, under rear seat are new. The clamp that holds the mat behind the rear seat is the original early long types.

Electrical system: NOS electrical cable system. Original Speedo in very good condition. NOS starter switch and Semaphore switch. Restored wiper motor. Correct early Right and Left Semaphores. Original Hella headlights with the old eyebrow glass. NOS chrome rings. Original rear lights (no repro)  Rechromed rings. Correct horn with Chromed front. NOS brake light switch.

Body: Bare metal body restoration. Metal glove boxes. (were in use until may-49). Rear right fender is NOS. Rear left fender is a restored original. Perfect front fenders are from 1950 with the headlight buckets moved backward for no space for the rubber seals. (No seals were used between the headlight and headlight bucket1948). Perfect early front hood with the lock and lid handle. (Lock in the front hood was only used until May 49). Rear and front hood handles are NOS and lockable with keys. Rear engine lid is the original with the pressing for the old German license plate (used only until July-49) Original riveted pope nose. Riveted glass lens only used up to mid -49. NOS rubbers for the door windows. All window glass are the originals except the front window. Driver door is NOS. Passenger door is a perfect unrepaired door from 1950. I have a set of recently restored and re-chromed original hubcaps with the large VW-logo. The VW-logo has not been painted yet, they have been restored by a KDF Specialist and they are extremely hard to find. This model of hubcaps were used from late 1947-march -49. The bumpers are handmade in Austria and heavily chromed here in Stockholm with Copper and Chrome. Footsteps are NOS later models with attached correct rubbers and the extra support in the middle. The original starter crank is also at hand. “Special for 1948”. Small gas tank (The original from the car and never rusted). The rims are all in good condition, not damaged, oval or bad holes. The rims are equipped with Avon tires in still good condition.

 The 1948 is equipped with all the old original registration papers and also some very interesting documents with communications between Scania Vabis and the Swedish Defence.

Technical data

  • Year
  • Registration date
  • Mileage
  • Registration Number
  • Chassis Number
  • Kw / hp
    18 / 24 
  • Fuel Type
  • Transmission
  • Interior finish
  • Colour


  • Mechanical condition:

    5/5 Great in always

  • Interior condition:

    Original and nice

  • Exterior condition:


  • General condition:

    Swedens finest splt screen beetle

MOT (tech. insp.)

Fordonsstatus Itrafik 1998-10-05 (Konvert)
Ursprungsbesiktning 1998-09-30 (regbes)
Datum i trafik 1:a gång 1998-10-05(490406)
Besiktningsperiod -
Senast godk besiktning 1998-09-30
Körförbud Nej
Skattebefriad Ja
Antal ägare 1

Facts about the model

Den 10 juni 1948 undertecknade Volkswagen kontraktet med Scania-Vabis som svensk generalagent.
Sex månader senare påbörjades leveranserna av de första 55 bilarna – varav 12 köptes av försvaret.
I första leveransen ingick också de fyra första provbilarna som testades mycket hårt. Övriga levererades först modellåret efter, då ytterligare 375 stycken togs in.
Dessa tidiga -48:or hade mest detaljer gemensamt med ursprungsmodellen som visades redan 1937. Året efter, 1949 kom stora modellförändringar som navkapslar med mindre emblem, ny inre backspegel och tvåekrad ratt, ny kopplingslamell, heltäckande gummimatta och cylindrar gjutna med högre fosforhalt med mera.
Volkswagens historia kan spåras ända tillbaka till 1898 då österikiske ingenjören Ferdinand Porsche fick sitt första jobb, hos automobilbyggaren Jacob Lohner & Co i Wien. 1934 överlämnade Porsche sedan sin programförklaring och skisser på en tysk folkbil till tyska regeringen – vilket blev startpunkten för världens mest producerade bil – som sedermera kom att byggas i hela 23 miljoner exemplar!
Visionen var en liten bil med luftkyld motor bak och plats för fyra personer – dessutom billig att köpa och sköta om. Dessutom skulle den kunna nå 100 km/h och klara stigningar på runt 30 procent.

OBS! Läs mycket mer ingående om hur bilen är renoverad om du ändrar till engelsk text på detta objekt.

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