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Volvo Amazon 123 GT B18B — 1967

One of the country's absolute finest. Renovated from scratch and since then carefully taken care of in nearly perfect condition.

Jan Byström
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Krister Cervin
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"A car in top condition, with the latest improvement new springs, dampers and rubber bushes, she looks great."

350 000SEK
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Jan Byström
Valuator coordinator
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Krister Cervin
Authorized valuator
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"A car in top condition, with the latest improvement new springs, dampers and rubber bushes, she looks great."


This Amazon 123 GT was fully renovated in 1990's and was bought by an Amazon enthusiast who only drove in summertime to and from exhibitions. This car has been exhibited at the Volvo Museum, Volvo's booth at the NEC Classic Motor Show in Birmingham, and then transported to China to show the Swedish legacy of Volvo’s owners Geely.
In 2016 the car changed owner and so started the refining work. In 2017 the gearbox was refurbished including the override, at the same time, springs, shock absorbers and bushes were exchanged. Today the car is like new.

Technical data

  • Year
  • Registration date
  • Mileage
  • Kw / hp
  • Fuel Type
  • Transmission
  • Interior finish
    Black Vinyl 
  • Colour


  • Mechanical condition:

    Started and test driven, everything is fine. Electrical system is partially exchanged. Oil moisture around the rear axle.

  • Interior condition:

    Very nice, just a small crack in the steering wheel center cover.

  • Exterior condition:

    Almost new. with a few minor scratches and mark. Some body panels could be adjust better or else the cars perfect.

  • General condition:

    + Well renovated and very well finished, just need some extra detailing to be 100%
    - Some adjustments require on some body panels

MOT (tech. insp.)

Fordonsstatus Itrafik 2003-09-08
Ursprungsbesiktning 1967-04-28 (regbes) (Ombes:19811208)
Datum i trafik 1:a gång 1967-04-28
Besiktningsperiod -2019-05-31
Senast godk besiktning 2017-05-19
Körförbud Nej
Skattebefriad Ja
Antal ägare 11

Facts about the model

When Volvo introduced the Amazon 123 GT 1967, it was designed for those who could not afford a 1800s - or maybe needed a more practical but sporty car. The new GT two-door got the B18B engine from the 1800s and a 4 speed overdrive gearbox.

Volvo amazon 123 GT 1967 New price: SEK 18 800 kr.

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