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Overland Whippet 4 Cylinder — 1926

This is a nice example of a 1920`s Overland that been used as a film car for Swedish film "Smugglarkungen", this cars been carefully renovated.

Michael Luft
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Frans Johansson
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"Very nice condition and carefully renovated into its original condition. One of the world oldest car still in use, very good engine and gearbox."

155 000SEK
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Michael Luft
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Frans Johansson
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"Very nice condition and carefully renovated into its original condition. One of the world oldest car still in use, very good engine and gearbox."


A very nice Overland Whippet the first years model. Nice paintwork with some minor wear and tear, but with a very good overall impression. The interior matches the outside well with new upholstery and carpets. Mechanically, it is fine and the chassis is nicely renovated. This is a well-known car that’s been featured on the Bilsport Custom Show earlier this year, it has also participated in the Swedish big movie Smugglarkungen.
Overland was the American Willys passenger car brand and Whippet came in 1926.
NOTE! According to the owner, this is the oldest known working Overland Whippet in the world.
The car came to Sweden from Norway in 1979 and has been driven around Falköping and Gothenburg since then. The engine has recently been refurbished and fitted with cabriolet roof.
Equipped with:
Spare wheel. Side windows / wind deflector. Rearview mirror left side + interior mirror. Kickplate protection on running boards etc..

Technical data

  • Year
  • Registration date
  • Mileage
  • Kw / hp
    23 / 31 
  • Fuel Type
  • Transmission
  • Interior finish
    Black Leather 
  • Colour


  • Mechanical condition:

    Starts and runs without any problems and driven around the museum. All the electrics are working and has a clean and nicely renovated chassis and engine bay. Normal oil moisture around the engine, Left front tire 20% and the rest 50%

  • Interior condition:

    Very nice interior with new paint, upholstery and carpets. The steering wheel is warn as usual, and small marks found in the paint work.

  • Exterior condition:

    Very well re painted, with some minor scratches and blemishes in the paint and small cracks in clear coat. The roof is in a very good condition, very minor paint touch ups found.

  • General condition:

    Very nice and complete car that’s drivable and collectable.

MOT (tech. insp.)

Fordonsstatus Itrafik 1984-06-28 (Konvert)
Ursprungsbesiktning 1979-06-01 (regbes)
Datum i trafik 1:a gång 1979-06-01
Besiktningsperiod -
Skattebefriad Ja
Antal ägare 3

Facts about the model

Today we know Willys for Jeep but they have done so much more. Willy's passenger car brand Overland came in 1926 with his Whippet, who became a fierce competitor of Ford T and A, Chevrolet International, De Soto Model K and Pontiac Big Six. Whippet was a light, fast, economical and durable car with four-cylinder engine, four-wheel brakes and water pump. The body was compact but spacious. With a wheelbase just over 100 inches, it was bigger than Ford's ever more old-fashioned T model and the Whippet quickly came up in hundreds of thousands of manufactured copies. To the year 1927 Whippet became a brand but it became short-lived. The depression was in full swing and sales dropped rapidly.

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