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Acoma Mini Comtesse 47 cc — 1975

Quirky and seldom seen French microcar, lots of fun test driving this car.

Shaun Major
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"Honestly never seen one of these cars before, if you’re not in a rush and want some exclusive then it’s a great collector car."

31 000SEK
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Shaun Major
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"Honestly never seen one of these cars before, if you’re not in a rush and want some exclusive then it’s a great collector car."


A very rare micro car Acoma Mini Comtesse, manufactured in France from around 1973 to 1984, fitted with a saxonette 47cc petrol engine two speed auto, electric start, runs and drives as it should will need an MOT/inspection, a real head turner which will bring lots of fun. The car comes with a folder full of history from the former owner.

Technical data

  • Year
  • Registration date
  • Mileage
  • Kw / hp
    1 / 2 
  • Fuel Type
    Bensin 2 Stroke 
  • Transmission
  • Interior finish
  • Colour


  • Mechanical condition:

    Runs and drives well with a good rev and go engine, these car were never fitted with a reverse gears so you need to push them.

  • Interior condition:

    All original interior and seat with double gull wing doors, right door opens but not in the gull wing doesn’t fold easy fix.

  • Exterior condition:

    All plastic and fiberglass body, some small fixes needed on the rear wheel arch and front lower wing "see pictures". Good paintwork overall.

  • General condition:

    This car makes you smile when driving and with some small fixes and a new MOT/inspection she’s ready to hit the road.

MOT (tech. insp.)

Fordonsstatus: Avst 2015-01-14
Ursprungsbesiktning: 1993-04-06 (regbes)
Datum i trafik första gången: 1993-04-30
Besiktigad tom: - 2012-05-31
Senast godkända besiktning: 2010-05-05
Körförbud: Ja
Skattebefriad: Ja
Antal ägare: 5

Facts about the model

Designed and produced in France, ACOMA’s Mini Comtesse was built in the mid-1970s through the mid-1980s to take advantage of one of the country’s more perplexing regulations at the time: the ‘L-Category’ of voiture sans permis, or cars available to be driven by individuals without licenses, a slightly terrifying proposition for licensed and law-abiding drivers, but an exciting one for those without!

In terms of powerplant, the Mini Comtesse, the smallest of the microcars produced by ACOMA, was similar to England’s Peel P50, boasting three wheels and a 49-cc, single-cylinder engine which only produced 3 bhp (compared to the 4.5 bhp of the Peel). With a smaller output in terms of horsepower, it comes as no surprise that the Mini Comtesse only had two forward gears (compared to the Peel’s three) and no reverse gear as well. Top speed was quoted at 20 mph.

One of the car’s more unique features, especially when considering its size, was the fact that it had not one but two doors. On the driver’s right is a conventionally hinged door, while on the driver’s left is a roof-hinged gullwing door. This was implemented due to the Mini Comtesse’s size, which allowed it to park perpendicularly between two parked cars. In this case, it would prove difficult to disembark from the driver’s right. To the left, however, egress and entry would be much easier.

Quirky and seldom seen, this is the perfect microcar for the Francophile looking for something a bit different with great joie de vivre!

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