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Volvo ÖV4 Jakob 27HP — 1927

Excellent renovated car in exhibition condition

Michael Luft
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Krister Cervin
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"Costly renovation with care for all details. Nice to drive. Good investment that can be showed any Classic Car event. One of the oldest remaining working Jakob cars in the world."

1 480 000SEK
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Michael Luft
Authorized valuator
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Krister Cervin
Authorized valuator
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"Costly renovation with care for all details. Nice to drive. Good investment that can be showed any Classic Car event. One of the oldest remaining working Jakob cars in the world."


Please note on this car, the chassis number and engine number are the same as 150053 according to the car registration. We will try to find out if there is a separate chassis number on the car?

Technical data

  • Year
  • Registration date
  • Mileage
  • Kw / hp
  • Fuel Type
  • Transmission
  • Interior finish
  • Colour
    Blue/Black with wooden details in ash and red beech 


  • Mechanical condition:

  • Interior condition:

  • Exterior condition:

  • General condition:

    Exhibition Car, a few insignificant scratches can be found.

MOT (tech. insp.)

Datum i trafik 1:a gång 1927-01-01
Fordonsstatus avställd 1988-10-13 (för registrerad) ej varit i trafik
Senast godkänd besiktning 2003-04-17
Skattebefriad Ja

Facts about the model

Kjell Olsson bought it in the mid 90's

In the mid 90's, Kjell Olsson completed the renovation, which took 5 years.

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VOLVO ÖV4 (1927-1929)
Jun 26, 2013 ID: 49775

The first series-produced Volvo car left the Lundby factory on April 14th 1927. The designation for this old-fashioned open car with 4 cylinders was ÖV4.

The body was built on an ash and beech frame, covered with sheet metal and was only available in one colour combination, dark blue with black wings. The ÖV4 is sometimes nicknamed "Jakob" because one of the ten prototypes built in 1926 had been called that.

Location and viewing Information

Registered members are welcome to the showroom:
· Thursday 21 september kl. 11:00 to 19:00
· Friday  22  september kl. 09:00 to 19:00

Pick up

Våra öppettider i Olofström för hämtning är följande:
Onsdag 27/9 10:00-19:00
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Lördag 30/9 10:00-15:00
För hämtning av fordon vill vi att ni bokar tid genom att ringa till kundtjänst på 0723-705928. Övriga objekt går bra att hämta utan tidsbokning.

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