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Ford Escort MK1 1297cc — 1970

A potent historical racing car with a proven track record dating back to the 1970s. Stuart Turner of Ford constructed the car for Danish top driver Tom Belsö. There is a lot of paperwork, and the car has FIA documents that are valid until 2025. Ready to race!

Ted Gryth
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"The was properly renovated with the goal of preserving its authenticity, and it is still in great condition. The has been competitively raced, and its performance is flawless."

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Ted Gryth
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"The was properly renovated with the goal of preserving its authenticity, and it is still in great condition. The has been competitively raced, and its performance is flawless."


Tom Belsø, born on August 27, 1942 in Søborg, Gladsaxe, and died on January 11, 2020, was a Danish racing driver and the first Danish driver in Formula 1.
Belsø began racing in normal cars before moving on to Formula Ford, Formula Atlantic, Formula 2 with Team Viking Brabham, and British Formula 5000. In the 1970s, he raced for Williams in a couple of Formula One races. In 1973, he was set to make his Formula One debut in Sweden, but he was not allowed to race since his sponsorship money had not arrived. In 1974, he finished seventh in the Swedish Grand Prix. He returned to Formula 5000 the next season, and in 1977 he raced in the Shell sport G8 British Championship.
The car has been totally restored to its original condition, as it was when Tom Belsö purchased it from Stuart Turner in 1970.
It has been driven and hence is not in show condition.
Ford Team Castrol's Tom Belsö borrowed the Escort 1300 GT from Ford's Stuart Turner. The car was co-created by Don More and the British Vita Racing Team. A car for Tom Belsö and a sister car for Aage Bush-Larsen were built.
Lars-Viggo Jensen purchased the white car from Ford in 1970. LWJ was the owner of a haulage company in Roskilde (Hilleröd). LWJ had the car painted red and yellow. He later relocated to Spain. When LWJ sells the car, the advertisement appears in IMS - 71 in the autumn.
Lennart Lyckell, Kungälv, a member of the Timex Team in 1972, purchased the car from LWJ on the ad in IMS - 71. In 1972, Lennart competed in a race at Jyllandsringen and the Swedish Championship series in Sweden. The car then received four-piston callipers on the front discs, discs on the rear, magnesium diff and carburettor.
Åky Lyckell purchased the Timex-coloured automobile from his brother - 73. He had the car painted black.
Alvengren from Gotland (the father of singer Susanne Alvengren) purchased the car - 74 from L, in black.
Gunnar Persson of Kungälv purchased the black automobile - 75 - from Alvengren. The car was painted yellow/red and red/blue by GP as an advertisement for Skandia Rust Protection. The car came with a 1300 cc downdraft engine at the time of purchase. He upgraded to a Twin Cam 1633 cc Crossflow engine with 180 horsepower.
When GP purchased the car, it had leaf springs. He sold the Downdraught engine to Bergkvist's Lotus 23B, which was owned by Kåre Lindén at the time. Kåre was the owner of Gothenburg's Auto Alfa.
Kent Heiel purchased the white GP vehicle from GP.
Morgan Karlsson purchased the white car from KH in 1981.
MK sold the car to Inge Elvesson of Örkelljunga in 1983-84. IE has only competed in club racing with the car.
IE sold the car to Bo-Göran Fritzon.

The current owner Staffan Jonsson of Knislinge, purchased the car from B-G Fritzon in 2003-04. The colour was white.
Pär Moli assisted in the beginning of a thorough reconstruction in 2008. A frame number was discovered at the right strut attachment.

Teknische Daten

  • Baujahr/Modelljahr
  • Erstzulassung
  • Abgelesener Tachostand (km)
  • Kennzeichen
  • Fahrgestellnummer
  • Kw / PS
  • Kraftstoff
  • Getriebe
    Manual 4 Speed 
  • Innenausstattung/Polster
  • Farbe

Beurteilung Fahrzeugzustand

  • Zustand technisch:

    Mechanically, everything is in excellent shape, having been thoroughly inspected and serviced on a regular basis by professional owners and experts.

  • Zustand Interieur:

    Racing interior with cage, fully in accordance with current regulations.

  • Zustand Exterieur:

    The racing paint on the car is in good shape, with minor dents and scratches from racing.

  • Zustand gesamt:

    Fantastic race car that is both competitive and has a fantastic race history. In the hands of the right driver, a winning car in vintage racing.

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