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SAAB Sonett II V4 — 1968

A cool little GT car and with Swedish motor history. Epithets then: bolder and fiercer and a bit more challenging than others. This still applies today!

Tore Thallaug
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Rebecca R Bengtsson
Case manager
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"A car that attracts attention. Both exterior and interior and technology are in a design, faithful to the original from 1968 but now updated and in a fine and drivable condition."

183 500SEK
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Tore Thallaug
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Rebecca R Bengtsson
Case manager
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"A car that attracts attention. Both exterior and interior and technology are in a design, faithful to the original from 1968 but now updated and in a fine and drivable condition."


Sold new in Sweden to a car rental firm in Gothenburg in 1968, it is unclear whether it was for rental or driven by an employee. Perhaps the boss's toy? Reportedly, it was renovated about ten years ago. Done by the then owner, a well-known Saab enthusiast who ran his own Saab workshop and was active in the Sonett Club. He was also one of those who managed the Saab festival. The car has never been in bad condition and apparently did not need any major bodywork. Even the sills, which are a common weak point, are probably original. When this car appeared, another Sonett from 1969 was sold. Those seats were kept (high back). Since the rest of the vehicle fleet consisted of red cars, he had this one painted in the yellow color Sonett Yellow, introduced for the 1969 model year.

All wear parts were replaced during the renovation, and both the engine and gearbox were refurbished. The mileage is unknown but is probably relatively low considering the condition. The high quality of the condition is also demonstrated by the fact that the car has received awards and recognitions at meetings with the Sonett Club.

Teknische Daten

  • Baujahr/Modelljahr
  • Erstzulassung
  • Abgelesener Tachostand (km)
    4,593 km 
  • Kennzeichen
  • Fahrgestellnummer
  • Kw / PS
    48 / 65 
  • Kraftstoff
  • Getriebe
  • Innenausstattung/Polster
    Black vinyl 
  • Farbe

Beurteilung Fahrzeugzustand

  • Zustand technisch:

    Starts and runs smoothly and quietly. The weather was unsuitable during the inspection, which is why a longer test drive was not conducted. All technology appears to work well and overall everything felt good. Not checked on a lift but from what could be inspected, it looked good.

  • Zustand Interieur:

    Newer and well-made interior with nice door panels, seats, carpets, linings, and headliner. Instruments and steering wheel in original design. The fact that the steering wheel is in original condition is unusual, as they are relatively fragile. The luggage compartment is also in fine condition. Sure, there are small scuffs and some wear and tear, but the overall impression is spot on.

  • Zustand Exterieur:

    The car features a fine and glossy paint job with some stone chips and minor scratches. There is a crack in the paint at the front edge on the driver's side near the "bulge" on the hood. The shiny, glass, and rubber details are all in good condition, which also applies to the emblems. The wheels and tires are well-maintained. The body has a good fit, and any appearance of misalignment at the lower edge of the hood in certain pictures is due to the hood being carelessly fastened by the signer, which was later corrected. The air intakes and the license plate are slightly bulging. The engine compartment is in good condition.

  • Zustand gesamt:

    "A genuine GT car for the connoisseur," was the marketing slogan for the Saab Sonett II in 1968. Or as it was called "over there," "This is Sweden's idea of an expensive toy." In this cream yellow color and fine original finish, it's a delightful classic with both Swedish motor history and collector's status.

Fahrzeugangeben vom Kraftfahrzeugbundesamt

Fordonsstatus: Avst 2023-08-10
Ursprungsbesiktning: 1973-01-17 (typbes)
Datum i trafik första gången: 1973-01-17
Senast godkända besiktning: 2018-05-30
Besiktningsbefriad: Ja
Skattebefriad: Ja
Körförbud: Nej
Antal ägare: 7

Fakten zum Modell

The Saab Sonett Super Sport was first unveiled on March 16, 1956. It was an open race car, partially based on components from the Saab 93. Only six units were manufactured. After more than a year of testing, trial runs, and exhibitions around Sweden and the USA, the decision was made not to put the Sonett into production - and that seemed to be the end of the story.

But persistence pays off, and both in the USA and in Sweden, various prototypes for a successor to the Saab as a pure sports car were made. Not least, the successes of Saab as a race car around the world contributed to the interest. Prototypes such as the Quantum Saab and Catherina, as well as the MFI-13, were developed, creating a demand and interest in a dedicated sports car. The latest prototype, designed by Björn Karlström, eventually became the new sports car Saab Sonett II. Ten years after the Sonett I, the production of the new sports car began for the 1966 model year. The first year saw three prototypes and a pre-series of 25 handcrafted cars with some different solutions for details. In the fall of 1966, the actual series production began. The first cars from chassis number 1-258 had a two-stroke engine from the Saab Monte Carlo 850 but with a different carburetor arrangement of three Solex 40 DHW, which delivered 60 hp at 5,200 rpm. From chassis number 259, as with the rest of the Saab range, there was a V4 engine from Ford. In addition to the new engine, there was a different design of the hood to accommodate the V4, and it also lost some of the "sports feeling" as the V4 engine was considered less temperamental. From the 1970 model year, the Sonett received an almost entirely new body, with the epithet Series III. The body was initially marketed as being designed in Italy by Sergio Coggiola, though this was a truth with modifications. Indeed, he had made sketches and there were similarities with his proposal, but much of the detail work and large parts of the rear end were done by Gunnar A Sjögren GAS, who was active within Saab's advertising department. The last model year for the Saab Sonett was 1974. In total, 10,219 units of the Sonett II, Sonet II V4, and Sonett III were manufactured.

Lagerort und Info zur Besichtigung

Location: Vallentuna

For viewing the vehicle, contact the valuator/depot:

Tore Thallaug
+46 705 90 23 65


Collection must take place before: 2023-12-07.

NOTE! Payment (deposit to our account) must be made within 5 days and before collection.


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