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Chrysler New Yorker Straight 8 — 1947

Grand American in fine condition

Ted Gryth
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"Comfortable classics that are comfortable to drive and draw attention wherever you go."

150 000SEK
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Ted Gryth
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"Comfortable classics that are comfortable to drive and draw attention wherever you go."


The current owner tells us:
This automobile was purchased new in 1947 by AB Gense in Eskilstuna, Sweden's oldest company today.
It was used as a management car there until the mid-50s. Then the car ended up with a family at Gärdet in Stockholm. This family also had a residence in Benidorm, Spain. The Chrysler therefore had to roll back and forth many times through post-war Europe to some time in the 60's. As the mayor of Benidorm repeatedly recalled that the car was Swedish-registered, the car was stopped in the mid-60s at home at the wife's parents' home in Bäckebo outside Nybro.
There, the car remained standing under a tarpaulin in a garage until the mid-1980s. In unusable condition, the car owner changed a few times until I bought the car in 1987. In 1990, I had the car in usable condition and had the car re-registered.
In the early 1990s, I managed to make contact with the wife who was the other owner and exchanged letters for fifteen years until her death. In this way I got many fun and interesting stories about the car and its fate as well as some old photos.
The car was original dark blue, but after rusting I chose to paint it in a cream white color. I have been driving the car for almost thirty years and have driven about 1,5000 kilometers. The car is equipped with Chrysler's straight Spitfire 8th and Fluid Drive, a semiautomatic box. The car runs very well and is very comfortable. Stretching up to thirty miles with toddlers was pure pleasure. The car has been used at countless weddings, students and other events. I have fitted seat belts in the car.

Teknische Daten

  • Baujahr/Modelljahr
  • Erstzulassung
  • Abgelesener Tachostand (km)
    46118 km 
  • Kennzeichen
  • Fahrgestellnummer
  • Kw / PS
    100 / 136 
  • Kraftstoff
  • Getriebe
  • Innenausstattung/Polster
  • Farbe

Beurteilung Fahrzeugzustand

  • Zustand technisch:

    Works great, shift smoothly.

  • Zustand Interieur:

    Upholstered interior in good condition, utility traces available. Safety belts mounted both front and rear.

  • Zustand Exterieur:

    Older renovations that did well, some rust bubble and flaws exist. Professional paint job

  • Zustand gesamt:

    A nicely refurbished car that is excellent for driving in modern traffic.

Fahrzeugangeben vom Kraftfahrzeugbundesamt

Fordonsstatus: Itrafik 1992-07-09
Ursprungsbesiktning: 1990-06-21 (regbes)
Datum i trafik första gången: 1990-06-21
Besiktigad tom: -
Senast godkända besiktning: -
Körförbud: Nej
Skattebefriad: Ja
Årsskatt: -
Antal ägare: 1

Fakten zum Modell

After the war, the New Yorker became a separate series. Unlike most car companies, Chrysler did not make major changes with each model year from 1946 through 1948. Thus models for 1946 through 1948 Chryslers have the same basic appearance, noted for their 'harmonica' grille, based on the body introduced with the 1941 models. 1947 saw a minor redesign in tires, trim, and instrument panel, while the first 1948s were just 1947s with no visible changes. Postwar Chryslers continued to offer Fluid Drive, with the New Yorker now offering the true four speed semi-automatic transmission.

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