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Buick Super Riviera — 1956

A stylish 1950s American classic with sleek lines and a pleasant color combination: Harvest Yellow body, white roof, and turquoise interior.

Nisse Brandt
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Ida Johansen
Case manager
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"Comfortable to ride in. Well-restored, stylish, and well taken care of both inside and out."

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Nisse Brandt
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Ida Johansen
Case manager
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"Comfortable to ride in. Well-restored, stylish, and well taken care of both inside and out."


This Super Riviera was purchased in 1960 by Mr. Preston N Shamer, a commander in the United States Navy, and the car accompanied him and his family to various locations where he was stationed, including Hawaii. One of the first things he did when he bought the car was to install seat belts. He owned the car until it was exported to Sweden in 1997. The car was sold shortly thereafter to an individual in Dalarna, whom the current owner bought it from in 2005. This owner is thus the fifth owner of the Buick.

The Riviera was stripped down to bare metal and repainted in Sweden in 1998. Rust repairs were done behind the emblem on the trunk lid, a small hole between the rear left inner fender and the threshold, as well as a part of the floor on the driver's side, and a smaller part behind the driver's seat. Otherwise, the car has fared well against rust, likely due to the undercoating applied in the USA. During the painting process, the original seat belts disappeared, so modern seat belts have now been installed both front and rear.

The current owner has supplemented with thin-flowing rust protection wherever possible. The interior has been replaced, including a new headliner and new carpets and floor mats. An extensive documentation package comes with the car, detailing the maintenance performed on the car, such as oil changes, lubrication, and gearbox refurbishment, which has been done twice, the last time in 1989.

The current owner has improved the car's standard by disassembling the oil pan, cleaning the interior, and replacing gaskets. The cylinder heads were planed and refurbished in 2016 after a minor oil leakage, and new valves and rocker arms have been installed. Additionally, other repairs have been carried out, such as replacing various seals, a new generator and charging relay, refurbishment of the speedometer with new wiring, manufacturing of a new brake fluid reservoir, and an overhaul of the brakes with cylinders. New kingpins with bushings have been installed, as well as new ignition cables, rotor, and distributor cap, electronic ignition, heater hoses, and adjustment of controls.

The car received new tires in 2011 and has since covered 5500 miles, which is approximately 800 miles. In connection with this, the hubcaps received new emblems. All chrome is original and untouched, except for the antenna, which the current owner has had improved by Dala Krom. An interesting detail is an extra foot-operated doorbell, which was Preston's signal to his wife that it was time to set the dinner table when he pulled into the driveway. The Riviera has been stored in a heated garage and has been started at least once a month by the current owner. The Buick has so far covered approximately 172,500 miles. Two extra mufflers and other accessories are included with the car.

Teknische Daten

  • Baujahr/Modelljahr
  • Erstzulassung
  • Abgelesener Tachostand (km)
    75201 miles 
  • Kennzeichen
  • Fahrgestellnummer
  • Kw / PS
    188 / 256 
  • Kraftstoff
  • Getriebe
  • Innenausstattung/Polster
  • Farbe

Beurteilung Fahrzeugzustand

  • Zustand technisch:

    The engine and transmission are working well. The brakes engage smoothly and evenly. However, the cabin fan only operates at the highest speed, and the vacuum wipers have uncertain or shaky functionality. The engine compartment is in a very clean and tidy condition, without any flashy additions.

  • Zustand Interieur:

    The interior has been replaced, and both the seats and the rear seat have been restuffed and reupholstered. The headliner and all floor mats have been replaced. The entire interior is in a very nice and good condition.

  • Zustand Exterieur:

    The car has undergone an older professional repaint which is in very good condition. There are a couple of small blisters on the right sill that have remained unchanged for 19 years. The B-pillar is missing a small trim between the doors which the owner has not managed to attach; this piece is included. There is some damage to the rubber seal, see picture. The body is straight and nice with good panel fit. The underside of the car is also in very good condition. Original chrome with some patina, see pictures.

  • Zustand gesamt:

    A professionally restored Buick Super Riviera in tasteful condition. Ready to be used at summer car meets. Inspected.

Fahrzeugangeben vom Kraftfahrzeugbundesamt

Fordonsstatus: Itrafik 2017-06-02
Ursprungsbesiktning: 1998-01-15 (regbes)
Datum i trafik första gången: 1998-01-18
Senast godkända besiktning: 2017-06-02
Besiktningsbefriad: Ja
Skattebefriad: Ja
Körförbud: Nej
Antal ägare: 3

Lagerort und Info zur Besichtigung

Location: Leksand

For viewing the vehicle, contact the inspector/case manager:

Nisse Brandt
+46 707 50 89 99


Collection must take place before: 2024-04-18.

NOTE! Payment (deposit to our account) must be made within 5 days and before collection.


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